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Fulham Attractions
For many people, Fulham and Putney don’t really feel like London at all, but more like the historic (and very upper-class) town of Henley-on-Thames.

Recommended Attraction in Fulham
Our one must-do activity for this area is, sadly, time-sensitive, as we cannot recommend getting down to the Oxford Cambridge Boat Race strongly enough. This historic annual challenge between the UK’s two most famous universities starts at Putney Bridge and goes the four and a bit miles downriver to Mortlake each April, and the best place to view it is from one of Fulham’s quaint riverside pubs. We’d recommend The Waterside near Imperial Wharf for the best drinks and the best views, but get there early!

Alternative Things To Do in Fulham
For year-round activities, however, an often-overlooked place to go is Bishops Park, just on the north western side of Putney Bridge, which is home to the hidden Fulham Palace. This is a beautiful building bedecked in oak panelling and with a stunning, lavender-clad courtyard, as well as extensive gardens. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped out of London and into Pride and Prejudice.

Fulham Attractions List
Fulham is a great place to stay and there’s plenty to see and do here. Although it’s an upmarket area, our Fulham hotel booking service makes it easy to book an affordable place to stay. Plus, if you book a hotel here you’ll have easy access to the whole of the capital. The below itinerary gives you a flavour of everything Fulham has to offer.

The River Cafe

This colourful Italian restaurant has a Michelin star! The food here is simple and unpretentious (as Italian should be).The River Cafe dining room is light and comfortable and looks out onto a charming little riverside park. It's a perfect venue for summer dining, and since there is no booking on the outdoor seats so it’s often possible to just turn up and get a table.

Address: Thames Wharf, Rainville Road, London W6 9HA
Phone: 020 7386 4200

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Craven Cottage

This is Craven Cottage, which is home to Fulham FC. Boosted by the funds of Harrods owner Mohammed Al-Fayed, this friendly West London football club has become a Premiership side after years in the lower divisions. Craven Cottage is one of the few places in the country where you can catch all the glamour of the world's most famous football league without having to book months in advance. Perched right on the river between Hammersmith and Putney bridges, the ground's location is one of the most idyllic in English football.

Address: Craven Cottage, Stevenage Road, London SW6 6HH
Phone: 0843 208 1222

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Beautiful Bishops Park

Beautiful Bishops Park stretches along the river, with views over to Putney. This park is also home to Fulham Palace which was the summer home of the Bishops of London. This is how the park gets it's name. There‘s a large number of tennis courts, a bowling green, a paddling pool, playgrounds and a café here.

Address: Bishop's Avenue, London SW6 6SX
Phone: 020 7736 7181

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Fulham Palace

Fulham Palace is the historic home of the Bishops of London. The palace building now contains a small museum, cafe and gallery so make sure you come and explore. Once enclosed by the largest moat in England, the beautiful public grounds include botanic beds, a herb garden and the secluded wall garden.

Address: Fulham Palace, Bishop's Ave, London SW6 6EA
Phone: 020 7736 3233

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Hurlingham Club

British monarchs have been members of this famously exclusive sports club, the Hurlingham Club. The waiting list for membership currently averages over fifteen years! It’s set in 42 acres of magnificent grounds and the striking Georgian Clubhouse mixes timeless elegance with up-to-date facilities and services. Hurlingham Park itself is home to a bowling green, games court, rugby pitches and a pavilion.

Address: Ranelagh Gardens, London SW6 3PR
Phone: 020 7610 7400

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North End Road Market

You’re now in North End Road Market which gives you a flavour of real London and has been going since the 1880s. The stalls lining the full length of the street sell everything from lipstick to batteries but the majority are fresh fruit and vegetable sellers with a good fishmonger, olive stall and two cheese specialists.

Address: North End Road, Fulham, London, SW6 1NG

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The Pottery Cafe

The Pottery Cafe was one of the first decorating studios in the country. Here you can roll up your sleeves and have a go at decorating your own beautiful English creamware pottery. You could also throw a party, browse The Little Toy Shop or just meet friends for a cup of coffee.

Address: 735 Fulham Rd, London, Greater London SW6 5UL
Phone: 020 7736 2157

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Fulham Broadway shopping centre

This is Fulham Broadway shopping centre. It has lots of restaurants and bars and a selection of excellent shops. You’ll find prices here are reasonable as the shops are the usual high street retailers rather than independent boutiques which you’ll find in other parts of Fulham and nearby Chelsea. The atmosphere is friendly and you’ll find everything you need under one roof.

Address: Fulham Road London SW6 1BW
Phone: 020 7385 6965

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Fulham Town Hall

This is Fulham Town Hall which was built in 1888 and is now used as a popular venue for concerts and dances, especially its Grand Hall. The Old Town Hall at Fulham is a breathtaking example of period architecture.

Address: Fulham Broadway, London SW6 1ET
Phone: 020 8753 2095

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Stamford Bridge

Stamford Bridge is home to Premiership football club Chelsea – one of the world’s biggest and best-known football club. The Chelsea FC stadium tour is a fun; exciting, informative and interactive experience tailored for sports fans of all ages and from all over the world. It offers a unique glimpse inside the very heart of Stamford Bridge where you can visit the world class changing rooms, be the manager in the dug-out, walk up the players' tunnel and see some of the best views of the stadium. Make sure you bring your camera!

Address: Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road, London SW6 1HS
Phone: 0871 984 1955

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There are various apartments and entertainment centres built into it the Stamford Bridge stadium. This includes Marco's, a restaurant owned and operated by chef Marco Pierre White – definitely worth a visit! Building on the success of his previous restaurants the Marco Pierre White name has become synonymous with a superior culinary experience and Marco as the newest addition does not disappoint.

Address: Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road, London SW6 1HS
Phone: 020 7915 2929

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The King's Road

The King's Road takes its name from the 17th century when it was King Charles II's private thoroughfare between Whitehall and Hampton Court Palace. The area was made famous by a lively local scene during the "swinging '60s" and punk fuelled seventies. The area is still full of famous faces and one of the best and most varied places to shop and eat in London. There are a number of one-off boutiques and designer stores.

Address: King's Road, London SW10 0LR

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Chelsea Harbour

This elegant development boasts a marina, hotel, restaurant and the striking glass domes of the Chelsea Design Centre. Chelsea Harbour is a secluded oasis of calm and you can walk along the river promenade for great views across to Battersea or spend a sunny afternoon with a cool drink on the terrace of Aquasia, overlooking the marina. Chelsea Harbour Marina is rapidly becoming one of the capital’s most famous maritime sites.

Address: London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, SW10 0XG

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Imperial Wharf

Be sure to also visit Imperial Wharf, with its restaurants, bars and leisure facilities. This site historically has been used as a Coal Wharf for the rail network, but has now evolved into one of the most attractive and desirable locations in London. Its ground-breaking architecture was modelled on areas of Monaco, so it’s vibrant, cosmopolitan and glamorous! Imperial Wharf also offers a wide range of fine dining opportunities to suit the most sophisticated palate.

Address: Townmead Road, Fulham, London, SW6 2TW
Phone: 020 7610 9693

Find the Imperial Wharf on the Map

Wimbledon Wine Cellar

This is the Wimbledon Wine Cellar at Imperial Wharf. It was voted the UK's best small independent wine merchant and this flagship store offers one of the largest selections of fine wine in the UK.

Address: 4 The Boulevard Imperial Wharf, Fulham, London SW6 2UB
Phone: 020 7736 2191

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Oxbridge Boat Race

Every year, England’s two most prestigious universities, Oxford and Cambridge, do battle in their typically eccentric way by pitting their strengths against one another on the waves of the Thames. The Oxford Cambridge rowing race is a national institution and enjoyed by many up and down the country, regardless of whether they attended said universities. If you can, stake out a good spot at one of Fulham’s Thameside pubs so you’re not at a loss once the boats have raced past.

Address: Putney Bridge, Putney, London SW6 3JD

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Putney Bridge

The Thames is so covered in bridges that it’s virtually subterranean, so why have we written about Putney Bridge? Well, for a start, it’s beautiful; and also it’s in a lovely part of town. Linking Putney (south) to Fulham (north), the bridge is slap bang in the middle of one of London’s wealthiest and prettiest areas, and the bridge opens out to Bishops Park (containing the beautiful Fulham Palace) on the north west and some very prestigious restaurants on the north east.

Address: Putney Bridge, Putney, London SW6 3JD

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Bishops Park

The land that the park is on was once religiously owned, but near the turn of the 20th century was bought to become public parkland. It has stunning, running Thames views along its southern border and some of the UK’s most recently renovated and unspoilt parkland.

Address: Fulham Palace Road, Fulham, London SW6 3LA

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