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The best hostels in London for students

Cheap London Hostels Entertainment Hostels

As a student in London you have an amazing choice of cheap accommodation in the form of hostels. It’s not just the price that’s fantastic either, as there are tons of bonuses to staying in London hostels for students.

Whether you’re after free extras or free entertainment in London, a fabulous location, self-catering facilities, a private room, private bathroom facilities, or female-only accommodation, we’ve got the ideal hostel in London for you.

There are fantastic savings to be made on London hostels when you’re a student, so make the most of TravelStay’s exclusive student discounts on many London hostels and grab a great deal. Book now from just £6 per person per night!.

Free entertainment at your London hostel

Maximise your budget

If you've opted to stay in a hostel, it's likely because you've shunned the need for the likes of tiny complimentary soaps, wide-screen TVs, potpourri and misfitting slippers. But if you do fancy kicking back with a movie, many hostels, such as Notting Hill Hostel, have TV/movie rooms with film nights.

If you want to kick-back on the couch but you're not ready for bed, the Generator Hostel has luxurious common rooms with armchairs, wifi, pool tables and the like. Get your aim in and you could even win prizes in Kensal Green Backpackers's pool competition..

London hostels with fantastic locations

Acacia Hostel London

There are plenty of cheap London hostels for students looking for a great location, and with prices from just £6 per person per night, they sell out quickly, so book your space now!

If you want to be near the museums and bars of South Kensington, book Acacia Hostel London. Rub shoulders with the rich and famous in the areas surrounding Hampstead Rooms, or choose Passfield Hall to be close to Oxford Street’s shops and Bloomsbury’s museums.

Amazing free extras at London hostels

Horizons Accommodation

There are those among us that cannot go a day without some form of exercise beyond mere stair-climbing and walks to the fridge. If this is you and you're on a budget, then Horizons Accommodation offers a gym, swimming pool and sports pitches.

Then there those who love the combination of music and embarrassment, and for those people we have the Kensal Green Backpackers, which offers karaoke, live music and other fun activities such as pool competitions.

For those travelling by car and needing to stay in touch with the online world, hotels like the Bridge Park offer free car parking and WiFi.

And a lot of our hostels have facilities for guests to take part in London's favourite past-time in their dedicated, subsidised bars. With all the money you’ll save, you’d do well to secure your stay now for a bargain price.

London hostels with self-catering facilities

Barkston Rooms

There are no end to the advantages of shared kitchens. Not only can you save your food funds for more important things (such as shopping) by buying your own food and cooking it here, but it's a great space to meet people in a relaxed, social environment.

You might meet a travelling companion, get invited to a party, or just have a good laugh with other guests. At the very least, you'll pick up a new recipe or two. Most of our hostels offer these self-catering facilities, and particular favourites are the Barkston Rooms in Earls Court or the Hammersmith Rooms in (unsurprisingly) Hammersmith.

London hostels with private rooms and private bathrooms

Great Dover Street Apartments

Do you like to take unacceptably long showers? Are you the kind to fill a room with clouds of steam from your scalding hot wash? Or do you cure your hangovers with an ice-cold burst? Perhaps you're the kind that drags 50 kilos of toiletries with them wherever they go?

If you said yes to any of the above then you’ll like student-friendly London hostels with private showers in the guestrooms, like Great Dover Street Apartments and Stamford Street Apartments.

Female only accommodation

Goldsmiths House

The lone female traveller coming to London for the first time will be pleased to know that TravelStay have a host of female only accommodations, such as Goldsmiths House in Camden, Helen Graham House in Bloomsbury and Park House Hostel in Earls Court.

And if you wanted a half-way option, hostels like Hyde Park Hostel are mixed overall but with female-only floors.

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