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Your Guide to London's Kings Cross on a Budget

TravelStay's Guide to Kings Cross

Kings Cross

Planning a trip to London? Overwhelmed by the huge choice of attractions, eateries, hotels, bars and transport options? What's more, when most things in London are so expensive, how can you make sure that you'll get the most out of your trip and your budget?

Our handy guides are here to help you navigate this cosmpolitan city and to find all the hidden gems which even some Londoners never find!

So here is TravelStay's Guide to Kings Cross - we've sourced all the info you'll need to decide which Kings Cross attractions you'll want to see, the tastiest and best value restaurants, the most convenient transport options and of course, the cheapest hotels in Kings Cross!

Where is Kings Cross?

Most people think Kings Cross is just a train station in London, but it’s actually an entire city district of North Central London!

Spanning the boroughs of Camden and Islington, Kings Cross is just outside the congestion zone in tube zone 1, surrounded by places like Camden Town, Islington, Holloway and Bloomsbury. Kings Cross is home to 3 major train stations - Kings Cross, Euston and the beautiful St Pancras.

What kind of area is Kings Cross?

The area used to have a reputation as being a little bit ... ahem... dodgy after dark. But in the last 5 years so much investment has gone into the area that it's now much cleaner, safer and has a really buzzy and exciting atmosphere.

One of London's leading Universities, UCL, is situated in Kings Cross so the area is home to quite a lot of students as well as canny residents who bought up property before prices shot up!

Kings Cross is a great place to stay if you want to be right in the centre of London with lots of museums, galleries and restaurants right on your doorstep but need to save some money on your accommodation.

A little bit of Kings Cross trivia...

  • Legend has it that British warrior Queen Boudicca’s bones are buried under a platform at Kings Cross Station.
  • The world famous Hogwarts Express from the popular Harry Potter books and films leaves from platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross Station.
  • The Great Train Robbers Gordon Goody and Bruce Reynolds stole a train from Euston Station in 1936 to practise driving it!
  • The lighthouse on top of a building in Kings Cross is an interesting remnant of London's past. The building used to be an oyster bar, many of which were topped with similar structures, advertising their produce in much the same way as McDonald's Golden Arches!

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