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Vauxhall Attractions
Situated next to the UK’s busiest railway station (Clapham Junction), Vauxhall is right next door to some of London’s coolest haunts, such as Waterloo and Pimlico, so you’ll never be short of things to do here. Although it is perhaps most famous for its pumping nightlife, being the home of MI6, and splendid luxury penthouse flats that overlook the Thames, Vauxhall does also boast a couple of attractions that can’t really be found elsewhere in London!

Recommended Attraction in Vauxhall
It has to be the one and only Vauxhall City Farm. Aside from being a farm in the middle of the city, this charitable organisation also offer activities such as horse riding and animal therapy. It’s a great day out with the kids or just to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and connect with nature. Horses, ducks, turkeys, geese, pigs, sheep, parrots, ferrets and more provide a great alternative to the majority of London’s less natural attractions, and their calendar of regular events means you could be in for something a little special whatever time of year you visit.

Alternative Things To Do in Vauxhall
Deceptively called the New Covent Garden Market, this flower, fruit and vegetable market in Nine Elms offers a great horticultural bonanza every day except Sundays. Even if you’re just interested in browsing the beautiful flowers, this is a sight to behold. Pop down to Oval to catch a play at the White Bear Theatre or Oval House Theatre, or get yourself to the Imperial War Museum on Lambeth Road for one of London’s most sobering yet interesting attractions. The townhouses in this part of London are wonderful, stretching along wide, tree-lined streets whose corners sport traditional Victorian pubs, built when glass was becoming more widely available and therefore used at every available opportunity, making for a decadent, glowing atmosphere while you sup your pint.

Attraction List in Vauxhall
Vauxhall’s a great place to stay not only due to the range of things to do here but also because of its proximity to many other phenomenal London haunts, so we suggest taking a look at our Vauxhall hotel booking service to grab a bargain stay at one of our many budget hotels in the area.

Vauxhall Bridge

The most striking and imposing landmark in Vauxhall is Vauxhall Bridge! Not only does the bridge provide a convenient link between north and south central London, it also holds the distinction of being the first iron bridge to cross the River Thames. It was originally built in 1811.

Address: Vauxhall Railway Station, S Lambeth Rd, London SW8 1SS
Phone: 020 7582 7884

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Vauxhall Cross

Dominating the banks of the river in Vauxhall is Vauxhall Cross. The cross is effectively a huge road junction converging six major roads, but there is also plenty of interesting places that lie within it, including the home of MI6!

Address: 85, Albert Embankment, London, OL9 6AA

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Albert Embankment

For a leisurely stroll along the River Thames, you can use the Albert Embankment. Created between 1866 and 1869 by Sir Joseph Bazalgette, the Albert Embankment was part of the plans to redevelop the banks of the Thames, which included the Victoria Embankment and Chelsea Embankment.

Address: Albert Embankment, Lambeth, London SE1

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Vauxhall Park

To get away from the hustle and bustle of the district, you can come to relax in Vauxhall Park. The park was originally opened in 1890 by the Prince of Wales and today it contains a collection of miniature houses, a children’s playground and a number of tennis courts.

Address: Fentiman Road, Vauxhall, London, SW8 1UD

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St George Wharf

A great example of modern architecture in London is the St George Wharf development. Alongside fantastic riverside apartments you’ll find a number of bistros, bars and shops. There are also plans for a St George Wharf Tower, which if developed in accordance with plans will become the tallest residential building in the country.

Address: London SW8

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New Covent Garden Market

Pay a visit to the New Covent Garden Market and you’ll have access to the largest array of fresh produce in the whole of London! The market was set up in Vauxhall due to the increasing popularity of Covent Garden Market in 1974. There’s a number of cafes and bars for you to enjoy too.

Address: New Covent Garden Market, London, SW8 5BH
Phone: 020 7720 2211

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Roots and Shoots

Roots and Shoots is primarily a vocational training centre for young people from the inner city. You can come here to see the Wildlife Garden; an area of tranquility where you will find a whole host of insects, birds, amphibians and mammals.

Address: Walnut Tree Walk, London SE11 6DN
Phone: 020 7587 1131

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Spring Gardens

Formerly known as Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, Spring Gardens is another place to come and unwind. The gardens were originally opened in the mid to late 17th Century and were known to be one of London’s finest entertainment venues. Today the gardens are much more understated and smaller in size, as large areas of the former gardens have been developed.

Address: 278 Caledonian Road, London N1 1BA

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Vauxhall City Farm

Sample a taste of the countryside right in the heart of Central London at Vauxhall City Farm. The farm was opened in 1977 with local people wanting to provide an outlet from the craziness of the city and allow the community the tranquility of country! There is plenty to see and do on the farm, including a number of animals, a riding centre and a community garden. It’s absolutely free too!

Address: 165 Tyers Street, London SE11 5HS
Phone: 020 7582 4204

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St Peter’s Church

St Peter’s Church, in Kennington Lane, dates back to 1860 and was originally built to serve the needs of the local community. In recent years, the church has been a venue for arts festivals, exhibitions, community activities and concerts. The church is the home of the Vauxhall St Peter’s Heritage Centre.

Address: 310 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall, London SE11 5HY
Phone: 020 7735 3403

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Oval Cricket Ground

If you’re a sport lover, one place you won’t want to miss out on visiting is the Oval Cricket Ground. Home to Surrey Cricket Club, this world famous venue has held numerous Test Matches over previous years. If you’re here in the summer you’ll be able to visit the ground to get a feel for the atmosphere of this magnificent sporting venue.

Address: Kia Oval, Kennington, London SE11 5SS
Phone: 844 375 1845

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Oval House Theatre

For an interesting and entertaining night out you should see what’heys on at the Oval House Theatre. The theatre also has a gallery area and a café that serves a selection of world fusion food.

Address: 52-54, Kennington Oval, London SE11 5SW
Phone: 020 7582 7680

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Kennington Park

Here is Kennington Park. The first records of this park date back to the 17th Century and it is still very much a central point for the local community. It’s a great place to come if you fancy a relaxing picnic.

Address: Kennington Park Road, London SE11 4BE

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