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Pimlico Attractions
Pimlico has, over the last century or so, become one of London’s most coveted luxury-property areas and sports some beautiful architecture, huge townhouses and posh brasseries by the bucket load. If you’re a fan of extremely expensive and bespoke furniture, then Pimlico will be a haven to you. However, if you’re on a budget and fancy doing something fun in the area, then we’ve chosen the ripest attraction for the picking.

Recommended Attraction in Pimlico
There’s just so much great stuff to do, some of it secret, some of it very un-secret, that it’s hard to choose just one. But we’ve opted for the pretty well-known Tate Britain. This institution is steeped in history, being the first of the Tate galleries in Britain and being a neo-classical architectural marvel constructed in 1897. The collection here is enormous and one can easily spend a day wandering around. The artwork is mainly British and covers a large swathe of history, and the gallery is also situated very near some of London’s loveliest beauty spots. However, that’s not all there is to Pimlico…

Alternative Things To Do in Pimlico
If you’ve got a bit of cash to flash and want to make an impression, we’d recommend going to Boisdale of Belgravia, which is a Scottish restaurant that does a gourmet Scottish menu at typical prices, perhaps even cheap considering the prestige of the venue. A mini-plate of haggis, neeps and tatties (turnips and potatoes to you and me) will set you back £6.00 while a main course is around the £16.00 mark. The venue also offers whisky, champagne and cigar tastings as well as some of the best Britain has to offer by way of live jazz. There’s also the Pimlico Farmers Market, specialising in fresh fish and oysters, in a place called Orange Square or Mozart Square; that is, the address doesn’t actually exist, instead you must ask a local where to find it and they’ll set you right.

Attraction List in Pimlico
There really is something for everyone in this upper crust London area, and to make the most of it we recommend you take a look at our Pimlico hotel booking service to see what offers and bargains are available to you. Don’t forget to check out everything that nearby Victoria and Westminster have to offer too when you book your Pimlico hotel.


Take a stroll along Millbank and you’ll get great views of London and some of its many landmarks. Interesting features on Millbank include Millbank Pier, the Tate Britain, Chelsea College of Art and the Pimlico Prison Buttress.

Address: Reynolds House, Erasmus Street, London SW1P 4HP

Find the Millbank on the Map

Tate Britain

Quite possibly the most famous attraction in the district, the Tate Britain is located on Millbank. The Tate Britain is home to a fine collection of British Art, from the 1500s right through to the present day. It’s always host to the winner of the Turner Prize, so this is a must see attraction during your trip to London.

Address: Millbank, London SW1P 4RG
Phone: 020 7887 8888

Find the Tate Britain on the Map

Chelsea College of Art

This is is the Chelsea College of Art. The college has a really interesting history, originally opened in 1895 to provide technical and scientific education to the people of London. In 1970 the school expanded and the Chelsea School of Art was established. The college was re-housed in 2005 and now lies in the old Grade II listed Royal Army Medical College building.

Address: 16 John Islip Street, London SW1P 4JU
Phone: 020 7514 7751

Find the Chelsea College of Art on the Map

Victoria Train Station

One place you will definitely be visiting during your visit to Pimlico is Victoria Train Station. Not only is this the main and fastest transport link you’ll have, it is also steeped in history. The station is ‘The National Rail Station’ and first opened in 1858. A really interesting thing to look at in Victoria Station is the plaque that marks the arrival of The Unknown Warrior at 20:32 on November 10th 1920.

Address: Victoria Street, London SW1E 5ND
Phone: 0343 222 1234

Find the Victoria Train Station on the Map

Eccleston Square

Pimlico has a number of pretty little squares and one of these is Eccleston Square. The square’s garden has won a number of prizes in recent years and is a great place to come and relax and take in the history of the area.

Address: Eccleston Square, London SW1V

Find the Eccleston Square on the Map

Warwick Square

Warwick Square was part Cubitt’s original designs for Pimlico and when you visit it you’ll see six iron lamp standards that have remained in use since its inception in the 1840s. On the western side of the square you’ll see St Gabriel’s Church, again part of the extensive building development of the 1840s.

Address: Warwick Square, London SW1V

Find the Warwick Square on the Map

Thomas Cubitt

The man responsible for making Pimlico what it is today is Thomas Cubitt. When you stroll around the district, you can be pretty sure you’ll be looking at something that he designed. In honour of his work, the Thomas Cubitt Statue was erected in Denbigh Street in 1995.

Find the Thomas Cubitt on the Map

St George’s Square

St George’s Square is another relaxing and pretty square, designed by Thomas Cubitt. The square has had a number of famous past residents, including Bram Stoker, and contains an impressive statue of William Huskisson - the first person to be run over by a railway engine!

Address: St George’s Square, London SW1V

Find the St George’s Square on the Map

Churchill Gardens

Not an attraction so much as a design of recent historic interest is Churchill Gardens. Churchill Gardens is a large estate, set in attractive gardens and a recent winner of the Civic Trust Award. The estate also has a Grade II listed protection order and was designated a conservation area in 1990.

Address: London SW1V

Find the Churchill Gardens on the Map

Ebury Street

Take a stroll along Ebury Street and you’ll see a number of blue plaques commemorating past residents of this famous street. Prominent figures such as Alfred Tennyson, George Moore, Michael Caine and Dame Edith Evans all lived here. You’ll also see a blue plaque and bronze statue in honour of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who composed his first symphony here in 1764.

Address: Ebury Street, London SW1W 9QU

Find the Ebury Street on the Map

St Barnabas

There are a few churches in the area of Pimlico, but one of the most beautiful is St Barnabas. You’ll be really impressed by the architecture of this 1850s church and will also find it really peaceful and relaxing.

Address: St Barnabas Street, London SW1W 8PF
Phone: 020 7730 2423

Find the St Barnabas on the Map

Pimlico Road

Pimlico Road is well worth a look during your time in London as you’ll find a nice mix of shops, cafes, restaurants and bars to visit along here.

Address: Pimlico Road London SW1W 8PH

Find the Pimlico Road on the Map

Chelsea Bridge

Chelsea Bridge offers you great views along the River Thames. Originally built in 1858 and redesigned in 1937, the bridge was a notorious hang out spot for the Rockers during the swinging sixties. The bridge is really impressive and gained Grade II listed status in 2008.

Address: Chelsea, London, SW1W 8QT

Find the Chelsea Bridge on the Map


Some may find the concept of a Scottish restaurant-cum-jazz venue a little perplexing, but it is a roaring success and has a sense of exclusivity that isn’t reflected in the pricing. The décor is classical and swanky, and the venue has cigar balconies, whisky bars, a restaurant and live jazz every night. And that’s not including their other events.

Address: Cabot Place, Canary Wharf, London E14 4QT
Phone: 020 7715 5818

Find the Boisdale on the Map

Pimlico Farmers’ Market

Don’t look for this market in any book of maps. The address doesn’t even exist. But the market’s there all right, offering gourmet and simple standard fare from a big range of producers. It’s near Sloane Square, and is in an idyllic, leafy environment. Visitors can expect the same high-quality produce as the other farmers’ markets in London.

Address: Orange Square, Belgravia, London SW1W 8LP
Phone: 020 7833 0338

Find the Pimlico Farmers’ Market on the Map

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