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Paddington Attractions
Paddington is a hive of activity, with one of the country’s largest (and oldest) train stations running passengers all over the country rapidly… unless there are delays, which is somewhat inevitable in London. It also has a hub of canal networks that is being redeveloped into one of London’s biggest leisure and business areas. There are some lovely little pubs, bars and restaurants on the Paddington Basi, too, perfect for a relaxing drink in the summer.

Recommended Attraction in Paddington
While there are your usual London staples available, such as shopping, eating and drinking, Paddington is really a junction that connects other parts of London in a myriad of ways, one of which is the canal network. From the aforementioned Paddington Basin, you can walk along the Regents and Grand Union Canals, taking you to Little Venice where there are some beautiful, quiet activities on the waterside to enjoy at any time of year. In essence, it is the simple beauty of walking a quiet canal network in the heart of Europe’s busiest city that we think is your best Paddington pastime.

Alternative Things To Do in Paddington
If walking or canals aren’t your thing, then we’d suggest plumping for a couple of London’s more obscure museums that are in the area. The Alexander Fleming Museum (he’s the chap that discovered penicillin) is by the canal on South Wharf Road, the Victoria Miro Gallery is nearby, showcasing the best of contemporary British art (and housed in a former furniture factory!), a little further from these attractions is something that you might find a little unlikely: a riding stable; Ross Nye Stables to be precise. If you’re a fan of things equestrian then you’d be well advised to get yourself down there for a day’s riding!

Attraction List in Paddington
Paddington is a great place to stay for a few reasons: firstly, it has the best travel links to the rest of the UK if you fancy seeing a little more of our green and pleasant land; secondly it has excellent transport links to the rest of London and a number of stations within easy walking distance; and finally, it’s actually quite a peaceful place (the outside of Paddington Station being an exception) where just strolling around is one of your best options. So check out our Paddington hotel booking service to find a deal that’s right for you.

Hilton London Paddington

Nowadays known as the Hilton London Paddington, this building has important historical significance. As well as being the facade of Paddington Train Station it was also the first railway hotel to be built between 1851-54!

Address: 146 Praed Street, London W2 1EE
Phone: 020 7850 0500

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Paddington Train Station

Paddington Train Station is thought to be one of the most handsome train stations in London, so it’s well worth spending time here during your stay. This great example of Victorian engineering, designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, is one of London’s busiest mainline stations with services running to the West of the country such as Bath, Bristol and South Wales. It’s also home to the Heathrow Express, Heathrow Connect and statues of Brunel and Paddington Bear.

Address: Paddington station, London W2 1HQ

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St Marys Hospital

This striking building is St Marys Hospital which is one of the most important medical research and innovation centres in the UK. Penicillin was discovered here and robotic surgery was pioneered here.

Address: Praed Street, London W2 1NY
Phone: 020 3312 6666

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Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum

Come here to the Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum in St Marys Hospital and you can step back in time to 1928 and experience the cramped conditions that Alexander Fleming worked in when he discovered penicillin.

Address: St Mary's Hospital, Praed Street, London W2 1NY
Phone: 020 7886 6528

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Paddington Waterside

Paddington Waterside is the true illustration of the changing face of Paddington. This once derelict canal basin and ex-rail yards has been transformed into a brand new district where you will find offices, housing, restaurants, bars and shops lining the banks of the Grand Union Canal. You can experience the lovely open spaces, walkways and towpaths here. Don’t forget to take a peek at the Rolling Bridge which can curl up to let water traffic pass!

Address: Macmillan House, Paddington Green, London, W2 1FT
Phone: 020 3145 1200

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Little Venice

Little Venice in South Maida Vale can be reached via a footpath from Paddington Waterside. This beautiful residential district with stunning 17th century Italianate architecture is situated around the junction of Regent Canal and the Paddington arm of the Grand Union Canal. You will find plenty of cosmopolitan restaurants and bars here. You can take a cruise on the canal, visit the Puppet Theatre Barge, take a peek at the Cascade Floating Art Gallery or even take the scenic walk to Regents Park and Camden along the towpath.

Address: Maida Vale, Little Venice, London W2 1TH
Phone: +44 (0)20 7985 7200

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Edgware Road

Edgware Road is truly cosmopolitan. Come here and you can try out the Lebanese restaurants and shisha cafes that line the streets.

Address: City of Westminster, W2

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Paddington Green

Escape to Paddington Green when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle. This is the only remaining green space in the area, situated in the Paddington Green Conservation Area. It surrounds St Marys Church.

Address: City of Westminster, London W2

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St Mary’s Church

You will discover pretty St Mary’s Church here. This is a grade II listed building designed by John Plaw and built between 1788 - 1791.

Address: St Mary's Square, Paddington Green, London W2 1LG
Phone: 020 7723 1968

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Private Gardens

Once the private gardens of Kensington Palace and now a 260 acre Royal Park, Kensington Gardens is full of attractions for you to experience. Aside from the formal avenues of trees and tranquil Italian Gardens you will find the eye opening Albert Memorial here and the Peter Pan Statue. If you love contemporary art you should spend some time at the Serpentine Gallery. When you’re feeling energetic why don’t you follow the Diana Memorial Walk which starts out here and takes you on the 7 mile journey through Hyde Park, Green Park and St James’s Park?

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Tyburn Convent

Visit the Tyburn Convent and you can go to the Crypt where you’ll find a miniature replica of the Tyburn Gallows (used to execute London’s criminals for centuries) and relics from Catholic Martyrs that were hung during the reformation. An order of Nuns still live here!

Address: 8-9 Hyde Park Street, London, W2 2LJ
Phone: 020 7723 7262

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Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain

As Hyde Park spans over 250 acres, this is the largest of the Royal Parks in London. As well as relaxing in the lush green surroundings you could see who’s ranting at Speakers Corner, go to the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain, take a dip in the Lido, go boating on the Serpentine Lake or even try out rollerblading!

Address: The Old Police House, Hyde Park, London W2 2UH
Phone: 020 7298 2000

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Speakers Corner

You’ll find Marble Arch near Speakers Corner in Hyde Park and the Western End of Oxford Street. It wasn’t moved here until 1851 as it was originally built as a gateway to Buckingham Palace by john Nash in the 1820’s.

Address: Marble Arch, Hyde Park, London
Phone: 07533 098035

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Victoria Miro Gallery

Modern art in London has been somewhat dwarfed by the Tate Modern, however, little gems housing celebrated artists such as the Victoria Miro gallery are worthy opponents and are a must for connoisseurs and laymen alike.

Address: 16 Wharf Road, Hoxton, London N1 7RW
Phone: 020 7336 8109

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Ross Nye Stables

You’d be forgiven for thinking that one of the few things you were unable to do in London was jump on the back of a horse and have a ride about, but in fact, you can at Ross Nye Stables. And instead of being stuck out in some arm of the countryside, it’s right, slap bang in the centre of town, in the prestigious Paddington Village.

Address: 8 Bathurst Mews, Paddington, London W2 2SB
Phone: 020 7262 3791

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