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Attractions in Maida Vale
Maida Vale is an unspoilt stretch of wide boulevards and quiet roads, huge Edwardian houses (with some very rich residents) and canals. It’s an area of tranquillity amongst a sea of activity and, as such, is a great holiday destination. But just because it’s quiet, there’s still lots to do.

Recommended Attraction in Maida Vale
Get yourself to Little Venice for a day, the junction between Regents Canal and the Grand Union Canal, and enjoy all it has to offer. Particularly popular in summer, this beautiful patchwork of canals, restaurants, barges and theatres has something to offer everyone, even if it’s just a relaxing stroll and a picnic!

Alternative Attractions in Maida Vale
For things that aren’t available next to waterways, Maida Vale also has a range of alternatives, including the Everyman Cinema, BBC Radio Network studios, mosques, synagogues and churches galore, and of course the high-class gastropubs and cafés you’d expect of such an area.

Attraction List in Maida Vale
In order to make the most of everything this peaceful area has to offer, we recommend you head over to our Maida Vale booking service to see what’s on offer as regards budget hotel stays. Once you’ve found a cheap room that suits you, you’ll have all the time in the world to explore the canals knowing you’ve got a nice, warm bed to go back to at the end of the day. Check out our itinerary of recommended attractions below too!

Westbourne Grove

Starting in the west of the area, Westbourne Grove is the heart of London's Notting Hill. The current selection of fashion designers, designer boutiques, art galleries, bespoke jewellers and inspirational florists makes it one of the most exciting and dynamic shopping areas in London. If you’re searching for the unique and the exclusive, you must come to Westbourne Grove.

Address: Westbourne Grove, London W2 5SH

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Portobello Road Market

Close by is Portobello Road Market - one of the most famous markets in the world and is internationally recognised for its second-hand and antique sections. Its history and culture spans approximately 300 years. Statistically it features in the top ten rankings as the most visited tourist site in London!

Address: Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London W11 2DY

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BBC Maida Vale Studios

In the early 1930s the BBC searched for space to accommodate the full BBC Symphony Orchestra. The potential of the former Maida Vale Roller Skating Palace, here on Delaware Road was spotted and over a 15-month period one hundred men reduced the building to a shell and reconstructed it. The Maida Vale Studios (now the BBC’s principal musical home) opened in 1934, with five studios and the most modern broadcasting facilities available.

Address: 120-129 Delaware Road, London W9 2LG
Phone: 020 7736 7181

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Little Venice

This is Little Venice - a little leafy oasis which you must experience during your stay in Maida Vale. Why not take a lovely walk along the towpath? You can walk 2.5 miles, alongside Regents Park and London Zoo, to Camden Lock and the fashionable markets. If you don’t fancy walking you could always take a canal tour along the same route!

Address: off Blomfield Road, Pool of Little Venice, London

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Puppet Theatre Barge

In Little Venice itself you’ll find the Puppet Theatre Barge. It’s a unique 50 seat theatre with comfortable seating and all modern facilities. The first performance on the barge was presented in 1982.

Address: 35-40 Blomfield Road, Little Venice, London W9 2PF
Phone: 020 7249 6876

Find the Puppet Theatre Barge on the Map

The Canal Café

The Canal Café Theatre is rapidly gaining a reputation for award-winning comedy and new writing, so it’s no wonder that it is viewed as one of London’s leading fringe theatre venues. The League of Gentleman, Daniel Kitson and The Consultants, have played here – along with many other talented artists. The audience sits around candle-lit tables and are allowed to take drinks into the auditorium. You’re as likely to be surrounded by famous people off the stage as well as on, even Sir Paul McCartney has honoured the Canal Café with his presence!

Address: Delamere Terrace, Little Venice, London W2 6ND
Phone: 020 7289 6054

Find The Canal Café on the Map

Warwick Castle pub

Why not stop for a drink here, at the lovely Warwick Castle pub? It’s got a great atmosphere and serves lovely home-cooked food.

Address: 6 Warwick Place, London W9 2PX
Phone: 020 7266 0921

Find the Warwick Castle pub on the Map

Rembrandt Gardens

Some of the most famous parks in London are within easy walking distance of Maida Vale, including Rembrandt Gardens. These beautiful ornamental gardens by Browning's Pool, Little Venice, have an array of colourful flowers on the canal side.

Address: Warwick Avenue, London W2 1XB

Find the Rembrandt Gardens on the Map

Clifton Nurseries

Established in 1851, this urban oasis is Clifton Nurseries - London’s oldest garden centre. Here you’ll find one of the capital’s finest plant collections.

Address: 5A Clifton Villas, London, Greater London W9 2PH
Phone: 020 7289 6851

Find the Clifton Nurseries on the Map

Lord’s Cricket Ground

This is world-famous Lord’s Cricket Ground. Lord's has long been seen as the home of cricket and the game's spiritual 'headquarters'. Make sure you pay a visit!

Address: Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood Road, London NW8 8QN
Phone: 020 7616 8500

Find the Lord’s Cricket Ground on the Map

Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road Studios is the most famous recording studio in the world! Opened in 1931, the Studio made its name with big orchestral recordings and of course, The Beatles. Abbey Road today, is probably the most technically advanced recording complex in the world.

Address: 3 Abbey Road, London NW8 9AY
Phone: 020 7266 7000

Find the Abbey Road Studios on the Map

Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum

This is the Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum where you can discover for yourself the secrets of the laboratory in which Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin in 1928.

Address: St Mary's Hospital, Praed Street, London, W2 1NY
Phone: 020 7886 6528

Find the Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum on the Map

Everyman Cinema

Tired of the same old cinema format; queuing for over-priced tickets and blindingly expensive snacks? Everyman Cinema is the place for you. Trade in the popcorn for fresh, warm food and get a glass of wine instead of your super-sized coke. The cinema chain offers a greater variety of film too, including art house and classics, and Maida Vale’s is a stunning addition to their repertoire.

Address: 5 Holly Bush Vale, Hampstead, London NW3 6TX
Phone: 0871 906 9060

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