Places to see in London Little Venice

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Attractions in Little Venice
For a small area mainly occupied by water, there’s a lot going on in Little Venice, which itself is a canal junction north of Paddington, in Maida Vale. The name is misleading, as it implies a large contingent of people of Italian origin (as in Little Italy, NY – or anywhere else) when in fact only 1.2% of the area speaks Italian! There’s plenty to do in this pretty spot, and we’d recommend…

Recommended Attraction in Little Venice
The Waterbus. This is a sort-of domestic ferry that is one of your few opportunities to travel London’s canal network, specifically Regents Canal, on a leafy and unobstructed waterway. Stops on the route include Regents Park, London Zoo and Camden Market (you can even get the Waterbus into London Zoo itself). This is a view of London that very few Londoners get to see, let alone tourists, and absolutely worth the small expenditure.

Alternative Attractions in Little Venice
You won’t be hard-pushed to find a decent restaurant, café or pub to enjoy a bite to eat or a drink with superb views of the canals and Regency architecture. However, there are great times to be had at the Puppet Theatre Barge, incorporating puppet theatre and a boat in a combination sure to bring uncontainable elation to all children everywhere, as well as at the Canal Café Theatre (above the Bridge House Pub), which specialises in comedy. So go on, for a larff, get yourself along!

Attraction List for Little Venice
This area is one of London’s quietest hidden gems, and so a vacation in this unspoilt bastion of peace in such a busy city is worth considering. Fortunately, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to do so, just consult our Little Venice booking service to find a deal that suits you, and check out our itinerary of recommended attractions below.
Café La Ville

A great idea to start your day could be having breakfast at Café La Ville at the corner of Edgware Road and Aberdeen Place. With good food and magnificent views, Café La Ville has recently been rebuilt and redesigned.

Address: 453 Edgware Road, London W2 1HT
Phone: 020 7706 2620

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London Canal Museum

Here is the London Canal Museum. This is the only London museum of inland waterways and allows visitors to enjoy a unique insight into English heritage.

Address: 12-13 New Wharf Rd, London, Greater London N1 9RT
Phone: 020 7713 0836

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London Waterbus Company

On the waterways, there are numerous barges to get on and enjoy a short cruise. If you need transportation elsewhere or simply want a scenic tour, see the London Waterbus Company. Trips can be one way or return.

Address: 58 Camden Lock Place, London NW1 8AF
Phone: 020 7482 2550

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Puppet Theatre Barge

A complete novelty of Little Venice is the Puppet Theatre Barge. An established 50-seat theatre, it is comfortable and fully heated in the winter and cool in the summer. The theatre presents spectacles for all ages throughout the year.

Address: 35-40 Blomfield Road, Little Venice, London, W9 2PF
Phone: 020 7249 6876

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Warwick Castle pub

Warwick Castle pub is a lovely, friendly pub in leafy surroundings. Popular with ramblers, the place serves some tasty, traditional British food.

Address: 6 Warwick Place, London W9 2PX
Phone: 020 7266 0921

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Regent's Park

If you are in the area, then a stroll around Regent's Park is a must. Designed in 1811 by John Nash, the park includes some stunning rose gardens and a summer open-air theatre.

Address: London NW1 4NR
Phone: 020 7486 7905

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Camden market

If you take one of the towpaths from Little Venice, then you will head into Camden and the market is a must-see for any bargain hunters. With art and craft, jewellery, clothes and antique furniture, the place covers most tastes.

Address: Camden High Street, London, NW1 0JH
Phone: 020 7284 2084

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Canal Café Theatre

Situated above the Bridge House pub in Little Venice, the Canal Café Theatre offers allegedly the world’s longest running comedy night as well as comedic theatre of a high calibre, suited to the intimacy of the small venue and its cabaret set up. A jovial way to spend time in one of London’s most idyllic venues.

Address: Delamere Terrace, Maida Vale, London, W2 6ND
Phone: 0207 289 6054

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