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London (540 cheap options)

Hotels, B&Bs, and hostels in London, UK from only £5

London is a world in itself, with a multicultural population and immense history. Want shops, museums, nightlife and good grub? London has it all and then some. From Buckingham Palace to Big Ben, it's stuffed full of photo opportunities galore.

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Paris (820 cheap options)

Hotels, B&Bs, and hostels in Paris, France from only £18

Paris has it all: nightlife, shopping, food, art and even Eurodisney! Whether you want to stroll along the Seine and climb the Eiffel Tower or party all night long, you'll find what you're looking for in France's capital city.

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Rome (630 cheap options)

Hotels, B&Bs, and hostels in Rome, Italy from only £7

Rome is a firm favourite with lovers of fashion, food and fabulous sights. The Italian capital is famous for its amazing ancient attractions, and is billed as the world’s largest open air museum. Modern nightlife combines with past wonders.

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Barcelona (380 cheap options)

Hotels, B&Bs, and hostels in Barcelona, Spain from only £13

Barcelona is a destination with something for everyone. There's a beach and plenty of bars if that floats your boat, and there's also amazing Gaudi architecture by the shedload if you want to be wowed.

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