How to Book

  • How do I make a booking?

    You can make a confirmed booking in three easy steps:

    1. Search for available accommodation

      (you can search by accommodation name, hotel type or location).

      Enter your search criteria.

      > Click "Search Now"
    2. Select a room

      View the available rooms

      > Click "Book" next to your chosen room type
    3. Book - simply complete the fully secure booking form:

      Enter the following details:

      • Contact details,
      • Guest names (only one name required per room)
      • Special requests* (if you have any) and estimated time of arrival
      • Credit card details (the book page is fully secured with SSL)
      • Tick the box to confirm that you accept the booking policy
      > Click "Click here to book"

    Your booking and deposit payment will be processed and you will be provided with a booking confirmation number. You will also receive confirmation of your booking by email - these are sent automatically. Please print the confirmation email as it needs to be presented on arrival.

    If you need any further assistance please call our reservations team on Tel: +44 (0)844 472 1800 who will be happy to assist you with your reservation.

    *Special requests cannot be guaranteed - if the special request is critical to your booking please contact us for assistance


Searching for prices and availability

  • How do I search for a particular location or type of accommodation?

    Click here to search by location.

    Click here to search by hotel type.

    Click here to search by hotel name.

    Please note that as TravelStay specialises in budget accommodation the number of accommodations to choose from in a particular location or of a particular type may be limited.
  • How can I find the price shown on the accommodation information page?

    The price shown on the hotel information page is the lowest price on a per person basis. Therefore it will generally be the price for a triple room for three persons or a quad room for four persons sharing a private room. The price per person will be higher if booking a single, double or twin room for only one or two people.

    However, please be assured that you will always be given the lowest possible price for available rooms every time you make a search on TravelStay.

  • How can I find the very cheapest prices on TravelStay?

    To find the cheapest possible prices it is recommended to:
    • Book early in advance
    • Book during the less busy days of the week (Sunday to Thursday)
    • Select a student discount if you are a student or search for 7 nights or more to qualify for our long stay discounts
    • Look out for any special offers in the search results
    • Make a general search for "all rooms" for the number of guests
    • Also check for room combinations by clicking on the "Booking more than one type of room? Click here" option in the search results.

    Accommodations change their prices on a regular basis, and low prices sell out fast! So if you see a price that suits your budget we suggest you book it straight away. That way you are guaranteed accommodation at that rate and only have to pay a small deposit to secure the booking.

  • How do I get a student discount?

    To book at discounted student rates please tick the 'Student Discount' box on the search page. If a student discount is present, the listing will state "student discount" and the price you see will already include the discount.

    To qualify for the discounted student rates all members in the booking must be in full-time university education and be able to produce valid student identification or an ISIC card upon arrival.

    Please note that unfortunately not all hotels and hostels offer student discounts and that they may not be available year-round.


Choosing what to book

  • How do I choose which type of room to book?

    You need to decide how many beds you want in the room and whether you would like a private bathroom in the room or are happy to share a bathroom with other guests in the accommodation. When deciding on a suitable room type you can also click on the room type description to view more information about the room.

    You can chose from the following room types:

    • Bed in a shared room - a bunk bed in a dormitory room that you share with others
    • Single room - a private room for one person with one single bed
    • Double room - a private room for one or two people with one double bed
    • Twin room - a private room for one or two people with two single beds
    • Triple room - a private room for two or three people with either three single beds or with one double bed and one single bed
    • Quad room - a private room for three or four people with four single beds, one double and two single beds, or two double beds
    • Multi bedded private room is a private room for five or six people with different bed combinations

    You can chose from the following room facilities:

    • Studio or Apartment is accommodation that features a your own private cooking and dining facilities in a studio room, or in a separate kitchen within an apartment
    • Standard room (private bathroom) is a room with an en-suite private bathroom inside the room or for your sole use adjacent to the room
    • Basic room (shared bathroom) is a room that does not feature a private bathroom, so the bathroom is outside the room and can also be used by the other guests.
    • Superior Basic room is a room with an attached shower but no WC
  • Is breakfast included in the price?

    When you have made a search for prices and availability, the search results show the breakfast type offered with each available room. Below is a guide to what is generally included in each type of breakfast.

    • Continental Breakfast usually includes the choice of toast, butter, jam, cereal such as cornflakes or muesli, tea, coffee, and juice.
    • English Breakfast is a cooked hot breakfast and usually includes the choice of sausages,eggs, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, and toast, tea,coffee, and juice.
    • Scottish Breakfast is a cooked hot breakfast and usually includes the choice of sausages, eggs, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, and toast, tea,coffee, and juice. It can also sometimes include some Scottish specialities like kippers, smoked haddock, haggis, and tattie scones.
    • Self-Catering - Breakfast is not included in the price, however kitchen facilities are available for you to prepare your own meals throughout the day or night.
    • Room only - Breakfast is not included, but is generally available to purchase directly from the hotel.

    Please note that each hotel will have a different set of items in their breakfast, many will offer all you can eat buffets, and some bed and breakfasts will even prepare breakfast according to your own personal choice.

  • Can I park at this accommodation?

    Only a limited number of inexpensive hotels offer parking facilities. Click here to search for hotels with parking facilities. However parking is often available near the accommodation of your choice, and this information will generally be available in the "comments" section of the hotel information page.

    Should no information be available please either make a reservation and ask for parking information via the "special request" box on the book page or contact our reservations team on Tel +44 (0)844 472 1800 for further assistance with your reservation. Although we are unable to book car parking spaces on your behalf, this can be done by yourself once you have made your reservation.

    Parking in London:

    Parking in London is limited and expensive and if you wish to drive into central London you will also have to pay the Congestion Charge fee (currently £10 per day). It is generally recommended to travel to Central London by public transport wherever possible.

  • Im travelling with children - what do you advise?

    We would advise booking one of our "family friendly" accommodations. Click here to search for family friendly hotels. In order to make a reservation online you will need to include the children in the "number of people" when searching for prices and availability.

    This is because our rates are already heavily discounted and most small budget hotels do not have facilities for small children or babies and they generally require each person in the room to have their own bed. For example, when booking a quad room for two adults and two children aged six and eight, the full quad room (room for four guests) rate would need to be paid for.

    Please also click on the room type description to chose between the various family friendly rooms we have available (e.g. double and single, double and two singles, etc).

    If you have children of two years of age or less then the child can often stay for free in a baby cot - but not all accommodations offer cots and hostels will not accept any guests under 18. Please call our reservations team on +44 (0)844 472 1800 in order for us to find out whether the hotel you have chosen can accommodate your child in your room at no extra cost before we take your reservation.

  • I require disabled facilities - what do you advise?

    TravelStay are happy to assist you in finding the most suitable hotel for your stay.

    Although many budget hotels do not cater for disabled guests as the buildings are older and without lifts, university vacation accommodation is a great option if booking in the summer, and all hotels of 3 star rating or above have lifts and disabled facilities.

    Please contact reservations with your requirements on Tel: +44 (0)844 472 1800 in order for us to find a suitable hotel with the facilities you are looking for.


Making a booking

  • Can I book without a credit or debit card?

    No - a credit or debit card is required for all bookings made on and for all reservations made by phone with TravelStay. This is because a deposit payment must be charged to your credit or debit card at the time of booking in order to make the confirmed reservation.

    If you do not have a credit or debit card we suggest that you ask friends or family to make a reservation on your behalf.

  • How do I book if I do not have a personal email address?

    If you do not have your own email address please use the email address of someone you know, as you will need to produce the confirmation email upon arrival.

    Alternatively you can receive the booking by fax by entering the following email address: [email protected] - e.g. [email protected]

  • Can I book if I am less than 18 years of age?

    There must be at least one person in the booking aged 18 or over. Bookings for guests under the age of 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult as it is not possible to book through TravelStay if you are under 18.

  • What can I request from the hotel when making my booking?

    You can use the "special requests" section on the book page to make requests such as to request earlier check-in or a non-smoking room. Please note that these requests cannot be guaranteed and if you wish to confirm these before you make your reservation please call our reservations office on tel +44 (0)844 472 1800 for assistance.

  • What are the check-in and check-out times?

    The check-in time is the time from when hotels are able to accept new guests. This is mentioned in the "comments" section of the accommodation information page. If a check-in time is 14:00 hrs, it means that your room will be available from 14:00 hrs. However you may arrive at the accommodation before then and leave your luggage at reception and it may be possible to check in earlier - if you would prefer to check in earlier please mention this as a special request on the booking form.

    Check-out time is the time when you are required to have left your room and checked out of the hotel. If you wish to stay in the room later than your check-out time, you may be required to pay extra or the full cost of the following night. If you wish to check out later than the time specified and have already made a reservation, please contact the accommodation directly on the number provided in your booking confirmation email to arrange.

  • How do I book more than one room type at the same time?

    If you want to book two different types of room - e.g. a double and a twin, simply select "Booking more than one type of room? "Click here" at the bottom of the search results. However if you want to book three or more types of rooms you will need to make two separate reservations. For example to book two singles, one double and one twin room you'd have to make one reservation for the double and twin and another for the two single rooms. You will receive two booking confirmation emails which should both be presented upon arrival.

    For further assistance with your reservation please contact us on
    Tel: +44 (0)844 472 1800.

  • I need more information before I can complete my booking. Who can I contact?

    You can contact TravelStay Reservations on Tel +44 (0) 870 922 4100 for any query that you may have. Our office hours are 9AM - 5:30PM (GMT) Monday to Friday.


Your booking confirmation

  • I can't find a booking confirmation email. Has my booking been made?

    So long as you have completed the booking form and have seen the booking confirmation page which displays your booking reference number, then your booking has been made successfully. All bookings made are confirmed bookings and you do not need to double check the availability. You can only make a reservation on TravelStay for dates that are available according to the accommodation that you choose to book.

    If you cannot find your booking confirmation email - please refer to the advice shown below.

  • I can't find my booking confirmation email. What should I do?

    Please check all folders within your e-mail account, including any spam, junk or bulk e-mail folders. Hotmail and AOL users please note: the security settings can occasionally prevent the confirmation e-mail from reaching you. If possible, please use an alternative e-mail address.

    If you cannot find your confirmation e-mail in any of the folders, please send us an e-mail with your booking number to [email protected]. Alternatively, you can contact Customer Services on Tel: +44 (0)844 472 1800.

  • What is the confirmation email for?

    A confirmation email is sent automatically once you make a reservation. This lists all of the details of your booking, the accommodation you have booked, and full contact details. For direction information please refer to the link on the email to the accommodation information page, which features directions and a local map link on the right. The confirmation email should also be produced upon arrival.

    Please note that it is all customers' responsibility to present confirmation of their booking at the hotel upon arrival and TravelStay shall not be liable for any losses as a result of confirmation not being produced upon arrival.

  • My confirmation email shows only one name but I have booked for more than one person - why is that?

    Only one name is required for each room that you have booked, but the room and breakfast will be available for as many people as the room can accommodate. So if you have booked a twin room with English breakfast, only one name will appear on the email confirmation but the two guests will be able to stay and two breakfasts will be available.

Modifying or cancelling a booking

  • Making a booking

    To modify a booking please click here and complete the form or call us on Tel: +44 (0)844 472 1800. We would cancel the original booking, refund your original deposit in full and make a new booking. The new booking can only be made if there is availability and it will be made at the rate applicable at the time the new booking is made. You can view the full booking policy by clicking here.

  • How do I cancel my booking?

    To cancel your booking please click here and complete the form or call us on Tel: +44 (0)844 472 1800. You will receive an email confirming that your reservation has been cancelled. Deposits are non-refundable in the case of cancellation and the accommodation may charge a late cancellation fee against the credit card details provided at the time of booking if the booking is not cancelled at least three days prior to arrival. You can view the full booking policy by clicking here.

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