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Embankment Attractions
Embankment is a small area, snuggled between Charing Cross, Temple and Trafalgar Square. But for such a tiny area, it has a remarkable amount crammed in. There are the Embankment Gardens, which are public gardens hidden behind Embankment tube but offer free table-tennis in the summer as well as some fun sponsored dance activities; there are a handful of middling-to-good restaurants on Villiers Street, and a couple of secret pubs that are worth sneaking into (follow the arches off Villiers Street to the end and climb the stairs).

Recommended Attraction in Embankment
But our one must-do activity for this diamond in the rough is Gordon’s Wine Bar; a wine cave that you wouldn’t notice unless you knew it was there, down some gated steps off Villiers Street, just next to the gardens. We recommend getting here early as it’s very small and gets very busy, and you can get a candle-lit table in this low-ceilinged, stone cave and peruse their vast wine collection. You can even get a hearty, home-cooked meal or snack. With deep reds and original newspaper cuttings from as far back as 1843, you feel like you’re travelling back in time. There’s also ample outdoor space.

Embankment Attractions List
Embankment is situated on the North Bank of the River Thames and offers some really spectacular views and tourist attractions. You’ve probably already decided that Embankment is a place you want to come and visit, but just take a few moments to check out this itinerary to get a full picture of the area. Embankment is proving to be incredibly popular, so use our Embankment hotel booking service to secure your room today!

Bateaux London

What could be better than a nice meal on the banks of the River Thames? How about lunch or dinner whilst floating along the River Thames? Bateaux London is a unique experience of fine dining with entertainment and spectacular views along the river. This is a day you will always remember!

Address: Embankment Pier, Victoria Embankment, London WC2N 6NU
Phone: 020 7695 1800

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Cleopatra’s Needle

Embankment provides a good blend of the old and new, and one of the most historic attractions in the area is Cleopatra’s Needle. This famous monument, which was presented to London in 1819 by Mehmet Ali the viceroy of Egypt, commemorates the victories of Sir Ralph Abercromby at the Battle of Alexandria, and Lord Nelson at the Battle of the Nile in 1801.

Address: Victoria Embankment, London WC2N 6

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Victoria Embankment Gardens

Take a relaxing stroll through Victoria Embankment Gardens and have a look at some of the statues, including the famous poet Robert Burns.

Address: Victoria Embankment, City of Westminster WC2N 6PB
Phone: 020 7641 6000

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17th Century water gate

In Victoria Embankment Gardens is the 17th Century water gate from York House to the River Thames. The gate was built in 1626 to act as the entry to the Thames for the then Duke of Buckingham.

Address: Victoria Embankment, City of Westminster WC2N 6PB
Phone: 020 7641 6000

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Proud Galleries

Visit Proud Galleries and you’ll enjoy the brilliant photographic exhibitions that have become some of the most popular of their kind in Europe. Opened in 1998, the Proud Galleries exhibit a huge range of photography highlighting some of the most well known musicians of recent times, including Bob Dylan, the Sex Pistols and Jimi Hendrix.

Address: 5 Buckingham Street, London WC2N 6BP
Phone: 020 7839 4942

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Benjamin Franklin House

Get a taste of how Franklin lived when you walk around the fascinating Benjamin Franklin House. Franklin lived here between 1757 and 1775 and the house is now used as a museum and centre for research into the man and his philosophies. It also acts as a student science centre and provides an insight into his time in London.

Address: 36 Craven Street, London WC2N 5NF
Phone: 020 7839 2006

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Northumberland Avenue

Wander down Northumberland Avenue and gain a sense of the history of this old street. The avenue runs from the east of Embankment right thought to the west of Trafalgar Square and was built on the land of Northumberland House, the London residence of the Dukes of Northumberland.

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Playhouse Theatre

Have an entertaining night out at the Playhouse Theatre on Northumberland Avenue and enjoy London theatre at its finest! The theatre was original opened in 1882 and one of its first famous productions was put on by George Bernard Shaw in 1894.

Address: Northumberland Ave, London WC2N 5DE
Phone: 0844 871 7627

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The Sherlock Holmes

You won’t need much persuading to visit The Sherlock Holmes. Firstly, it is a great public house and restaurant, and secondly it is home to a Sherlock Holmes exhibition. The pub is full of artefacts and memorabilia that include Dr Watson’s service revolver and a mounted head of the Hound of the Baskervilles.

Address: 10-11 Northumberland St, London WC2N 5DB
Phone: 020 7930 2644

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HQS Wellington

Take a tour around HQS Wellington and you’ll gain a sense of what the ship went through in its service during the Second World War. There is also a museum and a library on board for you to really soak up the history of this vessel.

Address: Temple Stairs, Victoria Embankment, London WC2R 2PN
Phone: 020 7836 8179

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Roman Bath

A lesser known (yet no less interesting) attraction in Embankment is the Roman Bath, located in Strand Lane. The remains of the bath lie four and a half feet below floor level and were uncovered during the 17th Century.

Address: 5 Strand Lane, Aldwych, London WC2R 1AP
Phone: 020 7641 5264

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Embankment Galleries

Lying within stunning Somerset House are the Embankment Galleries. It’s definitely worth paying a visit to the galleries during your trip to London to check out the contemporary art on display.

Address: Strand London WC2R 1LA
Phone: 020 7845 4600

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Savoy Theatre

Historically, the Savoy Theatre became known as a venue to showcase the work of Gilbert and Sullivan and more recently some of the most famous productions and performers have played here. Pay a visit to this famous theatre and you’re guaranteed to be entertained!

Address: Savoy Court, Strand, London WC2R 0ET
Phone: 0844 871 7627

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The Queens Chapel of the Savoy

The Queens Chapel of the Savoy was built at the turn of the 16th Century and is a really interesting place to visit. The chapel originally dates back to medieval times and has been damaged and redeveloped throughout the years, eventually moulding into the attractive building it is today.

Address: Savoy Hill, London, Greater London WC2R 0DA
Phone: 020 7836 7221

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Middle Temple Hall

Steeped in history, Middle Temple Hall is at the heart of the Inn’s of Court and is one of the best examples of an Elizabethan Hall in the UK. When you visit the hall, you will marvel at the architecture and design, and the fact that it has been pretty much untouched for over 400 years!

Address: City of London, City of Westminster, EC4Y 9AT
Phone: 020 7427 4800

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HMS President

As part of your stroll along the River Thames, you should stop off at HMS President and experience the splendour of this World War I warship. Today the ship has bars and a restaurant, as well as an open-air deck that looks out to famous attractions on the bank of the Thames.

Address: Victoria Embankment, London, Greater London EC4Y 0HJ
Phone: 020 7583 1918

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