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Little Known Facts about Embankment

  • The famous British board game Monopoly has a square on the board named after Northumberland Avenue.

  • The concept of Embankment was first put forward by the famous architect, Christopher Wren, in the 1660s.

  • Even though Embankment was actually built in the 19th Century, much of it was rebuilt, extended and improved in the 20th Century, after the Thames Flood in 1928.

  • The designer of Embankment was called Sir Joseph Bazalgette. After his work Bazalgette was knighted in 1875, and there is a monument on Victoria Embankment to recognise the brilliance of his work.

  • The contractor for the Embankment development was a civil engineer called Thomas Brassey. Brassey is mainly remembered as being responsible for building a large percentage of the world’s railways in the 19th Century. It was estimated that by the time of his death in 1870 he was responsible for the building of one mile of railway for every 20 miles built worldwide!

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