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Bayswater Attractions
Bayswater is largely a residential area but there are a lot of great places to stay and you’re shouting distance from many of London’s most sought after areas. You’re near to Knightsbridge and the high end shopping experiences there; you’re near to Hyde Park and the wonders in it; and there’s a lot of restaurant fare for you to enjoy nearby!

Recommended Bayswater Attraction
Here’s something a little bit fun: a little-known secret. Between 23 and 24 Leinster Gardens, there are two houses next to each other without front doors. Or, bizarrely, the same roof as the buildings either side. In fact, it looks like it doesn’t have a roof at all. That’s because it’s not a house, it’s just a big, flat board that’s been made to look like a house. Why? Because the tube lines run underneath it and between the houses either side, but rather than have a gaping space between the houses, some bright spark erected the façade of a house to fool the unwitting passer-by!

Alternative Things To Do in Bayswater
But we realise this isn’t really something to do, so as well we recommend heading to Hyde Park. It’s a big place, but due south of Bayswater you have Kensington Gardens right in the middle of the park, which makes for a beautiful day’s walking and sightseeing. If you’re a gambling man/woman, you’re also in the area that has a reasonable concentration of small to medium-sized casinos!

Attraction List in Bayswater
We have an incredible range of cheap hotels, hostels and B&Bs in Bayswater and some fantastic offers as well, so to make the most of this great area, head over to our Bayswater hotel booking service and sort out your perfect London getaway.

Shopping, Eating and having fun at Bayswater Street

If you’re looking for somewhere to shop, eat and have an evening out you should go to the fashion stores, specialist shops, restaurants and bars of Westbourne Grove. You can eat anything from Malaysian to Greek food on this street that never seems to sleep!

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Queensway cosmopolitan street

Here you will find Queensway, one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan streets in Bayswater that’s lined with restaurants serving international cuisine and shops. In fact you’ll find the highest concentration of Chinese restaurants outside Soho here!

Find the Queensway cosmopolitan street on the Map

Porchester Spa on Queensway

For a truly different experience, you should come here to the Porchester Spa on Queensway. Whilst admiring the original 1929 art deco interior you can treat yourself to an invigorating series of hot rooms, steam rooms, sauna rooms and icy plunge pools.

Address: Queensway, London W2 5HS
Phone: +44 20 7792 2919

Find the Porchester Spa on Queensway gallery on the Map

Whiteleys Shopping Centre

This is Whiteleys Shopping Centre, London’s largest, which takes up one whole block of Queensway. This was originally London’s first department store, which opened in 1911. Nowadays it’s crammed full of shops, eateries and a cinema, but if you go you can still see the original La Scala staircase, Centaur’s Fountain and glass domed atrium.

Address: Queensway, London W2 4YN
Phone: 020 7229 8844

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Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St Sophia

Here is the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St Sophia, the oldest surviving Greek Cathedral in London that was built in 1879. Here you will find a museum in the crypt that displays treasures given to the church and material from the archives of the Greek community in London.

Address: Moscow Road, London, Greater London W2 4LQ
Phone: 020 7229 7260

Find the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St Sophia on the Map

New West End Synagogue

Here lies the stunning New West End Synagogue, a grade I listed building that serves the Jewish community in and around Bayswater. You’re welcome to go inside to see the magnificent stained glass rose window and texts that surround the walls.

Address: Saint Petersburgh Mews, London W2 4LB
Phone: +44 20 7229 2631

Find the New West End Synagogue on the Map

Queens Ice and Bowl

When you feel like trying something different, come here to Queens Ice and Bowl, the only dual ice rink and bowling venue in the whole of London!

Address: 17 Queensway, London, Greater London W2 4QP
Phone: +44 20 7229 0172

Find the Queens Ice and Bowl on the Map

Kensington Gardens and more..

Here is the fabulous Kensington Gardens. This 260 acre Royal Park used to be the private gardens of Kensington Palace. Come here and you can stroll through the formal avenues of trees, the peaceful Italian Gardens and stop to look at the Albert Memorial, one of the grandest high Victorian gothic sights you’ll ever see! You can also visit the Serpentine Gallery, which displays works of contemporary art, as well as the loved Peter Pan statue. Kensington Gardens is where the Diana Memorial Walk starts, so you could follow the 89 plaques covering the 7 miles from here through to Hyde Park, Green Park and St James’s Park too!

Address: London, Greater London W2 2UH
Phone: +44 300 061 2000

Find the Kensington Gardens on the Map

Hyde Park and more..

Here you will find the largest of the Royal Parks in London, Hyde Park. Spanning over 350 acres and containing over 4000 trees, Hyde Park is where you can go rollerblading, boating on the Serpentine Lake, or swimming in The Lido. You can listen to members of the public speak on practically any subject they want to at Speakers Corner , or visit the Diana, Princess of Wales, Memorial Fountain.

Address: Park Ln, London, Greater London W2 2UH
Phone: +44 300 061 2000

Find the Hyde Park on the Map

Bayswater open air artists exhibition

One Sunday during your stay, you should walk along here, Bayswater Road, to see the largest open air artists exhibition in the world, Bayswater Road Artists. For over a mile, artists hang their colourful creations from the railings of Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park for you to buy!

Address: Bayswater Road, London W2 2UH
Phone: +44 7887 601047

Find the Bayswater open air artists exhibition on the Map

Hyde Park Stables

As Hyde Park boasts over 5 miles of bridleways, why don’t you take a riding lesson with Hyde Park Stables, one of the oldest functioning stables in London? No experience is necessary!

Address: 63 Bathurst Mews, London, Greater London W2 2SB
Phone: +44 20 7723 2813

Find the Hyde Park Stables on the Map

St John’s Hyde Park Church

If you fancy retracing the footsteps of Richard Branson, you should come here to St John’s Hyde Park Church. His first venture, Student magazine, was run from the crypt during the 1960’s.

Address: Hyde Park Crescent, London W2 2QD
Phone: +44 20 7262 1732

Find the St John’s Hyde Park Church on the Map

The Tyburn Convent

The Tyburn Convent here, built near the spot of the Tyburn Gallows, is home to a 19th century order of Nuns. If you can, go inside to the Crypt to see a mini replica of the Tyburn Gallows and relics and mementos from the Catholic Martyrs that were hung during the Reformation.

Address: 8-9 Hyde Park Street, London W2 2LJ
Phone: +44 20 7723 7262

Find The Tyburn Convent on the Map

Tyburn Gallows

Here, on the junction of Bayswater Road and Edgware Road, you will find three brass triangles mounted on the pavement. This is a plaque to mark the spot of the infamous Tyburn Gallows, where for centuries London criminals were executed.

Find the Tyburn Gallows on the Map

Marble Arch

This is the magnificent Marble Arch, which was originally erected as the gateway to Buckingham Palace when it was rebuilt by John Nash in the 1820’s. It was moved to this spot in 1851 and sits near Speaker’s Corner at the western end of Oxford Street, Europe’s largest shopping street.

Address: City of Westminster, London W1H, UK

Find the Marble Arch on the Map

Edgware Road

To get a flavour of the cosmopolitan nature of the Bayswater area you should come here to Edgware Road, which is lined with Lebanese restaurants and shisha cafes for you to try.

Address: City of Westminster, London W2

Find the Edgware Road on the Map

Leinster Gardens

This is a fun little nugget of little-known London info that’s worth a peep if you’re in the area. So if you find yourself on Leinster Gardens, take a leisurely stroll down and when you come to numbers 23 and 24, take a close look at the houses. Then ask yourself “how do the residents get in and out?”. Then ask yourself further “where’s the roof?”. The answer is that these aren’t houses at all, but facades to hide the tube line!

Address: 33-34 Leinster Gardens, Bayswater, London, W2 3AN

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