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London for Live Shows

London has so many live shows that any visitor to the city will have a huge choice of entertainment each and every day of their stay! If you're a fan of live shows in London then check out our comprehensive list of the best on offer, from stand-up comedy nights and major tours to talent show auditions and popular TV shows.

As most live shows in London finish late into the evening, forget about rushing to catch the last train home and instead why not book yourself into a hostel, hotel, B&B or self-catering London accommodation nearby and make a whole trip of it!

Thursday 27th to Sunday 30th April 2017

Friday 17th March 2017

Thursday 13th to Sunday 16th April 2017

Friday 14th to Monday 17th April 2017

North Westminster, London

Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th May 2017

Greenwich, London

Friday 21st April 2017

Saturday 29th April to Sunday 7th May 2017

April 2017(exact dates to be confirmed)

Westminster, London

Sunday 14th May2017

Covent Garden, London

Friday 19th May to Saturday 16th September 2017

Marylebone, London

Friday 26th to Sunday 28th May 2017

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