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TravelStay Blog: Insider tips on how to save money and have fun in London, the UK and worldwide!

Delve into our blog posts to discover how to make the most of your trip, from money-saving hacks and seasonal inspiration to detailed area guides. No matter what your special interest is, we've got all the niche info on London for you, whether you're a culture vulture, foodie, celebrity-spotter, muso, family, or student or contractor. Let us help save you money while having fun in London, the UK and worldwide.

London for Special Interests

London for Culture Vultures

London is the perfect city for fans of culture, with a huge array of art exhibitions, antiques fairs, book fairs, arts festivals, flower shows, design shows, dance performances, comedy shows, religious events, film festivals, operas and Royal events taking place throughout the year. Make your trip to the capital all the more relaxing by booking a London hotel, B&B, apartment or hostel in London to stay in, so you can take your time to appreciate your cultural event of choice.

London for Food and Drink Lovers

London is home to some of the world’s top restaurants and bars as well as food markets that bring visitors from across the globe. Add to this the many wine fairs, beer festivals and food festivals that take place throughout the year in London, and it’s clear why foodies are in their element in the capital. Forget about trying to cram in as much as possible into one day, and instead treat yourself to a night in a hotel or a B&B in London so that you can extend your food odyssey in London and eat, drink and be merry!

London for Families

There are so many ways to enjoy a family day out in London, with a whole host of family-friendly festivals, shows for kids, theatre events, exhibitions for children, puppet shows and performances of stories taking place across the capital. Whatever time of year, there’s a great event for your family! Why not make a trip of it and treat your kids to an exciting night or two (or several!) in a hotel in London or a London apartment where you can all relax together and then get up early to avoid the crowds!

London for Music Lovers

Major music acts always stop by London to entertain audiences on their tours, and the best up-and-coming artists are often discovered at intimate London gigs. London hosts loads of gigs by rock, pop, hip hop, country, R&B and indie bands and singers, music festivals, operas, classical concerts and jazz performances. Catching the last train home can mean you have to leave a concert before the grand encore, so why not book a cheap London hostel or comfy hotel in London and you can party the night away before resting your dancing feet!

London for Sports Fans

Which sport is your favourite: football, rugby, tennis, polo, rowing, athletics, triathlons or cycling? Whichever game floats your boat, you’ll find that London hosts the major tournaments at the UK’s most iconic venues like Wembley Stadium, Twickenham and Wimbledon. In addition to big matches and events, there are so many other great attractions in London for sports fans to enjoy, so why not make the most of your trip to the capital and stay in London accommodation?

London for Business and Community

London has huge exhibition centres that host business and community events throughout the year for various sectors, industries and interests. From public events like baby shows, careers fairs and wedding shows to trade exhibitions across a variety of disciplines from the travel industry to IT, there’s plenty on.With many business and community events taking place over more than one day, it makes sense to book hotel, apartment, hostel or B&B in London to make the most of your trip to the capital; you could even fit in some sightseeing too!

London for Live Shows

London has so many live shows that any visitor to the city will have a huge choice of entertainment each and every day of their stay! If you're a fan of live shows in London then check out our comprehensive list of the best on offer, from stand-up comedy nights and major tours to talent show auditions and popular TV shows. As most live shows in London finish late into the evening, forget about rushing to catch the last train home and instead why not book yourself into a hostel, hotel, B&B or self-catering London accommodation nearby and make a whole trip of it!

Famous London

10 Famous Londoners

No city can boast the same number of staggeringly famous and influential citizens as London. In fact, you may have noticed the circular Blue Plaques on unassuming houses naming a famous resident.This isn’t really surprising, given that London has been the centre of cultural, scientific and artistic progress for centuries. So let us take you on a ramble around this city highlighting a few of our more notable residents.Walk in the footsteps of giants, kings and queens, as well as elves, rock stars and detectives, and take a look at the little gems London’s most famous residents have to offer.

Celebrity Spotting in London

London is the world’s capital of theatre, music and the arts, and has the world’s highest concentration of celebrity residents outside Los Angeles. There are a lot of bars and clubs that cater to a mainly celebrity clientele and therefore are a bit out of most people’s price range, but it’s exciting that the majority of star-studded hangouts are open to everyone else too. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to give you the head start if you want to catch a glimpse of our country’s biggest names.

Fun in London

101 ideas for having fun in London

There are so many things to do in London and it might seem that all of it is expensive. But there are plenty of fun things that are either cheap or totally free! To give you some inspiration try out some of our ideas, which cover every London neighbourhood and a variety of tastes. Once you've picked out a few, you can then book a cheap hotel with TravelStay and come and visit!

Singles Day in London

Ladies and gentlemen, Singles’ Day is approaching fast. The same day that marks the Armistice Agreement is, perhaps appropriately, also a day when single people can focus on making themselves feel good and celebrate their freedom. Being single means freedom; and in order to make the best of both worlds, we’ve knocked up a handy guide for you to get the most out of Singles’ Day in London.

Money-Saving London

10 Ways to Spend Less in London

London ain’t cheap. There’s no secret about that. While it’s definitely not at the top of the pricey-list, it’s definitely above the middle-ish. So how do Londoners do it? The fact that Greater London has nearly 10 million inhabitants, all of whom (it’s presumed) are managing to eat and survive – some even in luxury – shows that it’s possible to get by in the smoke. Whether you’re staying for a few months, studying for years or just popping over for a day, these tips will help you keep costs down so you can spend your newly liberated cash on some really exciting things.

10 Tips on How to Be a Savvy London Tourist

You might think Brits are eccentric fops with a love of queuing and manners. In much of the UK, you'd be right on the money. But London is a completely different ball game, so we've thrown together a handy guide for being a savvy London tourist. Follow a few of the tips below and most people will think you’ve been before and that London fits you like a glove. It's a lot to take on board, but with practice, we're sure that from your first day in London you'll fit right in!

10 Ways to Make the Most of London

Our guide is a way to strike out all of those little expenses that soon add up. It’s also a way of putting your money into the right hands. For instance, by spending less than you would in a global fast food joint, you could get a far superior meal cooked by someone who really values your custom at an independent restaurant or café. The best part is, you can do all of this while actually getting more out of London than if you threw your money about like royalty. We hope this guide will save you money.

Cheap Attractions in London

Are you planning a trip to the UK capital soon and want to see what the city has to offer without breaking the bank? Book a stay at a cheap hotel in London and enjoy some of the cheap attractions that London has to offer. Here's our round up of cheap attractions in London as well as things to do in the capital that will cost you less than a tenner and where you can find free and cheap walks that take place across the city.

5 Ways To Save on Christmas Shopping

When you can’t help but notice the drips of tinsel that have miraculously appeared, the baubles that someone has hung on every available pointy place and the warming glow of log fires in pubs, the mandatory shopping can’t be put off any longer. Well here are five useful tips to save a bundle of cash to spend on a hotel stay!

TravelStay Guide to January Sales

London is, as everyone knows, one of the top three shopping locations on the planet. Conveniently, it’s also one of the most incredible and historic cities in the world. So where better to splash out on those well deserved goodies than here? So if you’ve come from abroad to spend your Christmas money (especially with the pound being so cheap), with the amount you’ll save in these generous sales, you can virtually stay for nothing! Here is our handy guide on what’s best, and where.

TravelStay Exclusive Deals and Promotions

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London Throughout the Year

TravelStay Guide to When to stay in London

As you'd expect, there's a huge amount going on in London over the coming year. We’ve selected our top things to do in London in Spring, the best London Summer Festivals, and cheap things to do in London in Autumn. Stalwart events such as Notting Hill Carnival and London Fashion Week are of course scheduled to return, as they do every year, with plenty of exciting new events to enjoy too. Read on for other events and activities to look forward to over the next 12 months.

Top 6 things to do in London in Spring

As the sun begins to peep out and people start to put away the wool coats, we've cobbled together a few of the things London has to offer in the season of all things new. Firstly, there are parks and gardens. Secondly, there are inner-city farms. Thirdly, that holiday in the sun is right around the corner, and fortunately lots of shops are happy to cater to your many needs! Fourth and fifth on our list are seasonal menus and beer gardens.

London Summer Festivals

London has such an array of festivals throughout the summer that all music tastes are covered. From pop, indie and rock to dance, folk and everything in between, you’ll find a festival in London to please your ears and your feet as you dance the day and night away. Forget mud and camping in the countryside this summer. Instead, party in the capital then crash out in the comfort of a London hostel, apartment, B&B or hotel just a hop, skip and a jump away.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit London in July

What with good weather, beer gardens finally open for business, cafés putting little verandas out, and it staying light ‘til late, visiting London in July makes sense to everyone. So you’ve probably booked your tickets already and you’re pondering which hotels to book. Well, with the great summer deals we have (particularly student accommodation), you needn’t look much harder. We’ve got great July offers, and we’ve knocked together our top 10 reasons to visit the capital so that you can make the most of your time in London.

Top 3 tips for cheap things to do in London in Autumn

Being inside is what London does better than any other city in the world, and Autumn is the time to make the most of this. The theatres, concert halls, museums and gig venues have announced their Autumn/Winter season, and it's sure to be another spectacular year. The sporting season of football and rugby is getting well underway. So while nature is doing her second most spectacular act of the year, you can enjoy yourself in warmer environments, soaking up London's world-leading culture to chase those philosophical, end-of-summer blues away.

TravelStay Guide to London in Winter

Why do people flock to the capital in the winter? Aside from the usual fare on offer throughout the year, like the many free museums, the world-leading theatre and arts, the incredible history and the many great sights that tourists have made pilgrimages to see for time immemorial, the winter in London is a truly special time. Here are ten things to make you feel like you’re on the set of Love Actually; things that make London the only place you’ll want to spend your winter.

London for Specialist Stays

London Accommodation for Contractors

Are you a contractor with a forthcoming job booked in London and looking to grab a deal for you and your team? TravelStay is here to make finding accommodation for you and your team as easy as possible. Grab a great deal at our B and Bs, Guest House, Hostels, Hotels available all over London today. You can also make huge savings on group bookings, take advantage of our promotion codes and FREE items, designed to give you even more savings.

London Hostels for Students

As a student in London you have an amazing choice of cheap accommodation in the form of hostels. It’s not just the price that’s fantastic either, as there are tons of bonuses to staying in London hostels for students. Whether you’re after free extras or free entertainment in London, a fabulous location, self-catering facilities, a private room, private bathroom facilities, or female-only accommodation, we’ve got the ideal hostel in London for you. There are fantastic savings to be made on London hostels when you’re a student, so make the most of TravelStay’s exclusive student discounts on many London hostels and grab a great deal.

London Airport Stays

If you're planning a trip to London but fly in late at night, worry not. TravelStay has some of the best hotels in the Heathrow and Gatwick area so you can head straight from the airport check out to a comfortable bed hassle free. Check out our cheap accommodation near Heathrow and Gatwick to ensure a fantastic nights sleep before you head into the big smoke to explore the next day. Alternatively, if your flight is an early one, why not consider finishing your tour of London and settle down for the night in a cosy hotel near the airport you're scheduled to fly out of? You'll have a good nights sleep, wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a hearty breakfast and you'll be near the airport making the next leg of your journey an easy one.

London Area Guides

Where to stay in London

From Acton to Wimbledon, from North to East to South to West London, we have guides that cover everything you need to know about each of the main areas of the capital. Discover everything from the local attractions and transport links in that area to little-known secrets and a range of great accommodation in each and every one.

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