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Little Known Facts about Ilford

  • Dick Turpin’s wife stayed in Ilford, next to the Turpin pub in Newbury Park. The house still stands but is in poor repair.

  • Queen Boadicea allegedly rode down Ilford High Road on the way to London from Colchester, along the new straight Roman Road that had been built.

  • The first floodlit Rugby Union match in England took place at Gordon Fields in Ilford on 3rd December 1936. It was between Ilford Wanderers and Old Bancroftians.

  • Dr Barnardo's Children’s Homes started in Ilford when, in 1870, he was offered some land on a rent-free lease as a wedding present.

  • John Logie Baird, who invented the television, moved to Ilford in the mid/late 1920’s to work on his new invention.

  • Ilford is officially the luckiest place for UK lottery wins. They’ve had 22 winning tickets and a huge winnings total of £44,174,203.00. 10 millionaires have been created in Ilford!

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