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Wimbledon Attractions
The Wombles used to be the thing that brought visitors from all over the globe to this beautiful west London suburb. There was some rumour going round about a tennis tournament or something, but that was nothing like as popular as the Wombles. For the uninitiated, the fictional Wombles were a family of strange, animal-like creatures that lived in Wimbledon and collected litter. They did for Wimbledon tourism what the Louvre did for Paris (tee hee).

But there is more to Wimbledon than an old children’s TV series. There are fabulous transport links to elsewhere in town, but while you’re there, you might want to just ramble around and see some of the great things on offer.

Recommended Attraction in Wimbledon
For size, and sheer theatrical magnitude, the New Wimbledon Theatre is absolutely phenomenal. Aside from the great shows (and the world-famous Christmas pantomime), the building itself is stunning and Grade II listed from Edwardian days. There’s a surprising amount of theatre for such a small place, but this theatre really does trump the rest. Tickets can be expensive, but even if you don’t go to a production, it’s worthwhile just getting a drink or a coffee and having a nose around the stunning architecture.

Alternative Things To Do in Wimbledon
If you’re travelling with kids, then The Polka Theatre is a must-see. In fact, it would have been our “one must do” activity were it not for the fact that not everyone has kids, and if you don’t have kids then it’s a bit less fun.

There are a huge range of bars and cafés, all of which are on the posh end of the scale but without the Central London price tag. If you don’t want to spend any money but want an amazing experience, we suggest getting up to Wimbledon Common, easily one of London’s most amazing areas of natural beauty (and the home of the Wombles, who live in a burrow).

There’s also a lake! Which is always fun, especially if you like sailing. Wimbledon Park Lake is a large and beautiful addition to this great outdoor London asset. There’s also the Buddhapapida Temple; the first Thai Buddhist temple to be built in the UK. It is home to Buddhist monks and nuns, however is open to visitors of any faith (or no faith) to wonder at it.

Attraction List in Wimbledon

Aside from the things to get you out of the hotel, Wimbledon is a much sought-after borough of London with some great, similar suburban beauties nearby. This is due to its prestige and attractiveness, and as such you’ll have a civilised, very pretty stay. There’s also some very good shopping to be had at the range of boutiques and high-street shops, so get yourself over to our Wimbledon hotel booking service to get yourself a bargain!

Wimbledon Common

Wimbledon Common is by far the largest green area in the capital, covering an area of nearly 1,200 acres from Kingston Upon Thames in the west to Putney in the east. This vast labyrinth of woods, lakes and clearings has for many years been designated an area of special scientific interest due to the unusual plant and wildlife you will find here. Most of the Common is easily accessible to the public and on the average weekend over 10,000 people use the area to walk, run, play sports or simply relax.

Address: Windmill Road, Wimbledon Common, London SW19 5NR
Phone: 020 8788 7655

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Lawn Tennis Championships

This is where the world famous Lawn Tennis Championships at Wimbledon takes place. Over half a million people come here to watch matches between the players from 60 nations that take part. Wimbledon normally starts six weeks before the first Monday in August, and lasts approximately two weeks. Go on - take part in the Wimbledon Tour Experience or buy tickets to a match; it’s an experience you will never forget.

Address: Church Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 5AE
Phone: 020 8944 1066

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The Wimbledon Museum

The Wimbledon Museum, situated within the All England Lawn Tennis Club contains one of the world’s greatest collections of tennis memorabilia, with the oldest exhibit dating from 1555. It’s a must see for all tennis lovers!

Address: Church Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 5AE
Phone: 020 8946 6131

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The Wimbledon Windmill Museum

The Wimbledon Windmill Museum, housed in the windmill on the Common, depicts the history of windmills and milling, using working models and the machinery and tools of the trade, with hands on milling for all the children amongst you!

Address: Church Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 5AE
Phone: 020 8947 2825

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The New Wimbledon Theatre

The New Wimbledon Theatre and Studio are two of the region’s leading live entertainment venues, showcasing the best West End, local and touring productions from across the UK each and every year.

Address: 93 The Broadway, London, Greater London SW19 1QG
Phone: 0844 817 7646

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Hicks Gallery

Hicks Gallery houses traditional and modern drawings, watercolours and oil paintings. In recent times the gallery has become particularly strong in contemporary art, showcasing many of the best and brightest of British and Continental artists.

Address: 2-4 Leopold Road, Wimbledon Park, London SW19 7BD
Phone: 020 8944 7171

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Odeon Cinema

Here’s the Odeon Cinema, where you can catch all the latest UK film releases..

Address: 39 The Broadway, London, Greater London SW19 1QB
Phone: 0871 224 4007

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Polka Theatre

In terms of theatre, London can be a little scant when it comes to dedicated kids’ productions. The Polka Theatre in Wimbledon puts paid to that, and has an international reputation as one of the UK’s best children’s theatre venues. If you want a day out with the kids, Wimbledon has a lot on offer overall, and the perfect end to the day will undoubtedly be taking in a show at the Polka.

Address: 240 The Broadway, Wimbledon, London SW19 1SB
Phone: 020 8543 4888

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Buddhapadipa Temple

The Buddhapadipa Temple was the first Buddhist temple in the UK, and acts as both monastery and functioning temple. Visitors of any faith are welcome to roam the four acres of grounds provided they are respectful, and the interior is brightly and evocatively decorated with Thai Buddhist murals. Buddhist art abounds, including the intricate structuring of the gardens and grounds.

Address: 14 Calonne Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 5HJ
Phone: 020 8946 1357

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