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Earls Court Attractions
Earls Court is predominantly a residential area and as such doesn’t boast the same range of activities that London has on offer, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some hidden gems ripe for the finding. You might be expecting us to recommend the Exhibition Centre, which is indeed a magnificent building with some fabulous exhibitions on, but unless you’ve something to do there, it can be a bit underwhelming. And it’s not exactly secret.

Recommended Attraction in Earls Court
So instead, we’re going to recommend you ramble on down to the Troubadour on Old Brompton Road. This is a ‘50s café with more than a hint of the Parisian about it, and puts on some of the UKs best up-and-coming music as well as spoken word acts (poetry mostly). The décor is a hodge-podge of rustic British and classic French, and there’s a decent, rural-feeling menu on offer most of the time. Best of all, it doesn’t cost the earth to have a good time there.

Earls Court Attractions List
Earls Court may be more famous for its proximity to tourist attractions in neighbouring districts, like Kensington Palace and the Victoria and Albert Museum, but there’s loads to see and do in Earls Court itself too. You only have to look at this itinerary to get a taste of Earls Court! Use our Earls Court hotel booking service, to book affordable accommodation here and come and see for yourself!

Garden Lodge - Home of Freddy Mercury

Here you will find Garden Lodge, at 1 Logan Place. This is the former home of Freddy Mercury, front man of world famous rock band Queen. His home has become a shrine for fans since he died in 1991, and Mary Austin still lives here today.

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Earls Court Tube Station

Here is Earls Court Tube Station, providing you with easy access to the rest of Central London on the district and Piccadilly line.

Address: 224-236 Earl's Court Rd, London SW5 9QA
Phone: +44 843 222 1234

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Blue Police Box

Just outside of Earls Court Tube Station, you will find an iconic blue police box, the only one remaining in London, which was made famous by the TV series Dr Who.

Address: Earls Court Road, London SW5 9AD

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Earls Court Exhibition Centre

Here is the star attraction of Earls Court, the Earls Court Exhibition Centre. This is a hugely popular exhibition and concert venue. Not only is it one of the country’s largest indoor arenas, it’s also one of the largest buildings in London that was built in the 1930’s. Huge stars like Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Madonna and Kylie Minogue have all held concerts here.

Address: Warwick Road, London SW5 9TA
Phone: +44 20 7385 1200

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Hattie Jacques

Walk past this townhouse, 67 Eardley Gardens, and you will be where Hattie Jacques, one of the UK’s best comedy actors, lived for most of her life. She was most famous for her role as Matron in four of the Carry On films.

Address: Eardley Crescent, London SW5 9JT

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Bramham Gardens

If you’re looking to be impressed by Victorian architecture, you should walk here to Bramham Gardens to see the beautiful red brick buildings surrounding a mature garden square.

Address: Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London SW5

Find the Bramham Gardens on the Map

St Jude’s Church

This is the site of St Jude’s Church, which first opened on Christmas Eve 1870. It’s worth coming here just to see the attractive sunken gardens!

Address: 24 Collingham Road, London SW5 0LX
Phone: +44 20 7052 0573

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Princess Diana Coleherne Court

Walk in the footsteps of Princess Diana and come here to Coleherne Court. This is where she lived with 3 flatmates until her marriage to Prince Charles.

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Coleherne pub

Stroll past world famous Coleherne pub on Old Brompton Road and you’ll be getting a taste of Earls Court’s gay history. This is London’s oldest gay leather club.

Address: Old Brompton Road, London SW5 9JA
Phone: 020 7373 8337

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Troubadour café, deli, club and art gallery

One of the cornerstones of life in Earls Court is the Troubadour café, deli, club and art gallery. Come here for a coffee, or a bite to eat, and you will be dining where legends like Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello played!

Address: 265 Old Brompton Road, London SW5 9JA
Phone: +44 20 7370 1434

Find the Troubadour café, deli, club and art gallery on the Map

Brompton Cemetery

Sitting on the boarder of Earls Court, and well worth a visit, is Brompton Cemetery. Come here, to what’s known as one of the ‘magnificent seven’ Victorian graveyards in London, and you can search its 16.5 hectares for Emmeline Pankhurst’s grave (the suffragette leader), and Samuel Sotheby’s grave, who founded the world famous auction house.

Address: The Royal Parks, Chapel Office, Brompton Cemetery, Fulham Road, London SW10 9UG
Phone: +44 20 7352 1201

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Finborough theatre

This is the award winning Finborough theatre, one of London’s leading theatres outside the West End. You could watch plays from newly discovered or rediscovered writers from the UK and overseas here.

Address: 118 Finborough Road, London SW10 9ED
Phone: +44 844 847 1652

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