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Croydon Attractions
If you’ve opted to stay out of town and in the suburb of Croydon then you’d be forgiven for thinking you had to commute into the centre of London for some fun everyday. While it’s really easy to do so (the trains take less than 20 minutes to Victoria or London Bridge) there’s really no need, what with the vast amount on offer in Croydon. Aside from shopping and culture, you’ve got a community that’s really found its identity and wants to welcome everyone into its ever-so-slightly-edgy arms.

Recommended Attraction in Croydon
The Oval Tavern on Oval Road (near East Croydon Station) has it all: music nearly every night, from a blues jam and great folk acts to up and coming artists; an enormous beer garden with its own stage; a huge selection of beers; a “kids day” every Saturday, when parents can let their kids play with others under the guidance of a professional storyteller whilst they enjoy something from the extensive and hearty menu; and free jazz on Sunday lunchtimes. This jazz is by some of the country’s best and most respected professionals, and it’s free! This gets busy quickly, so make sure to get there early for this one! The pub is also integral to the community fabric of Croydon, and everyone there is a real champion of getting involved in your area and making new friends.

Alternative Things To Do in Croydon
The Whitgift Centre and Centrale Centre have everything you could possible want in terms of shopping, and easily compete with the Westfield Centres in terms of what’s on offer. They’re even better in terms of most prices, and as you’re shouting distance from Gatwick Airport, Croydon’s perfectly placed for a whirlwind shopping spree! In the centre you have a selection of great pubs, bars and nightclubs, a lovely library that always has a good art installation and a permanent town museum in it, and there’s a healthy host of new theatres and cultural hubs, like Matthew’s Yard off Surrey Street Market and the Spreadeagle Theatre. Southend, which is nearer South Croydon Station (the next stop after East Croydon) hosts some of London’s most competitive restaurants, including Albert’s Table, Brasserie Vacherin and Aqua, and you’ve got transport links to some lovely parts of the country. Croydon has an admirable amount of green space, such as Lloyd Park, Park Hill Park, Queen’s Gardens and Croham Hurst. All this makes for a lot to do during a short stay!

Attraction List in Croydon
With all of this to do, and being so close to London and out-of-centre attractions like Crystal Palace, Dulwich, Streatham, Forest Hill and New Cross, there’s every reason to get over to our Croydon hotel booking service and bag yourself a fantastic deal today. Croydon hotels are generally a lot more competitive than Central London, but with the centre at your fingertips, you’d be well positioned to save yourself a good few bob!

Whitgift Centre

This is the Whitgift Centre. The Whitgift is the South East's leading shopping destination, where you’ll find over 140 of your favourite stores including Marks & Spencer, Boots, BHS, and over 30 independent retailers - all under one stylish roof.

Address: Unit 2150, Whitgift Centre, Croydon, Surrey CR0 1LP
Phone: 020 8688 8522

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Here you will find Centrale, a new shopping centre in the central of Croydon, hence the name! The parking is cheap and the whole building is clean and fresh. The range of shops are great from French connection to Zara, and there is something for everyone. Recently they have also added a brilliant food hall, which is nice to relax in away from the high street. The atmosphere is very relaxed.

Address: 21 North End, N End, Croydon, London, Surrey CR0 1TY
Phone: 020 8681 5841

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This is the site of Fairfield, one of the most exciting entertainment facilities in South London. Situated in the heart of Croydon, the centre offers a great mix of art forms on display throughout the year. The enormous auditorium and concert hall plays host to some of the best known directors, actors and musical outfits that Britain and the world have to offer.

Address: Park Lane, Croydon, Surrey CR9 1DG
Phone: 020 8688 9291

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Croydon Clocktower

You must visit Croydon Clocktower whilst staying in Croydon, which is an arts centre containing the Museum of Croydon and the David Lean Cinema.

Address: 9 Katharine Street, Croydon, Greater London CR9 1
Phone: 020 8253 1030

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Museum of Croydon

The Museum of Croydon is a brilliant, fun place to spend a few hours to discover the real history of Croydon. It is a lifetime museum showcasing historical and stylish artefacts derived from the area. Many of the exhibitions at the museum are hands on.

Address: Central Library, Croydon Clocktower, Katharine Street, Croydon CR9 1ET
Phone: 020 8253 1022

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David Lean Cinema

Come to the David Lean Cinema, a small cinema built in the 1990’s to honour the director David Lean, who was born in the town. It is described as a small, intimate, art house-style cinema which showcases the best of British film and World cinema, as well as classic releases and recent favourites.

Address: 9 Katharine Street, Croydon, Greater London CR9 1ET
Phone: 0872 148 4550

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Charles Cryer Studio Theatre

In nearby Carshalton, you will find the Charles Cryer Studio Theatre. This is one of the most popular theatres in the area, offering a great deal of choice to the viewer, always attempting to push back boundaries and show productions that people might be expecting, from tragedy to comedy (and everything in between!)

Address: 39 High Street, Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 3BB
Phone: 020 8770 6990

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Croham Hurst

Something that London doesn’t offer quite as well is countryside, but if you hop on a train to South Croydon, turn left out of the station and left again then carry on for about a mile, you’ll come to Croham Hurst; an enormous woodland with a heath at its top, that was once a Bronze Age settlement.

Address: Croham Hurst Golf Club, Croydon, London CR2 7HJ
Phone: 020 8657 5581

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The Whitgift Almshouses

The march of progress left Croydon behind a little during the ‘80s, but it’s come back with a vengeance. A keen eye, however, will notice a little incongruence along the brightly lit, commercial high street (just after the tramlines): the Whitgift Almshouses, a 400 year-old hospital erected by the man himself, Archbishop of Canterbury, John Whitgift.

Address: North End, Croydon, London CR0 1UB
Phone: 020 8688 1753

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St John’s Church

Croydon Minster is a magnificent medieval church inside and out and a lovely venue to catch the annual carol services that spread over the UK like wildfire each December.

Address: Broadway, Stratford, London E15 1NG
Phone: 020 8552 9993

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Croydon Buddhist Centre

Less is more, as the old adage goes, and none stand firmer testament to its truth than the Croydon Buddhist Centre. Located on South End in a shy, boutique shop front, the initial entrance is a shop selling books, healing stones, meditation gear of all types, incense, clothing and jewellery. If you head further in, you are in the Buddhist Centre.

Address: 98 High Street, Croydon, London CR0 1ND
Phone: 020 8688 8624

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Green Dragon

No night out in Croydon is complete without at least one drink in the Green Dragon. In fact, we’re not actually sure that it could be termed a “night out” if you haven’t popped your head in here. Situated on the corner of Scarbrook Pond and North End, this converted Victorian bank is a hive of activity, and one of London’s few pubs that doesn’t attract any particular kind of clientele.

Address: 60 High Street, Croydon, London CR0 1NA

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South End Croydon

Croydon is starting to enjoy the benefits of a recent surge in investment, and the growing fame of South End’s restaurant district is the proof. With one of London’s highest-rated restaurants and an ever-changing body of other markets across the price and cuisine spectrum, you are guaranteed as many nights of culinary delight as you like on this stretch of road.

Address: South end, Croydon, London CR0 1DP

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Matthews Yard

Matthew’s Yard has something for everyone in its quirky location in a repurposed warehouse. Primarily a café/bar, the venue also has a staged performance space, a workshop space, a rentable office space and expansive reading areas. The food, while simple, is well made and reasonably priced, and the drinks similarly so.

Address: 1 Matthews Yard, Croydon, London CR0 1FF

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The Oval Tavern

Croydon’s strongest contender for Pub of the Year is The Oval Tavern, off the beaten track and only a few minutes’ walk from East Croydon Station. With music or an event on every night (and two on Sundays) as well as a huge beer garden, a hearty menu and a good selection of drinks, this is the place to while away the hours.

Address: 131 Oval Road, Croydon, London CR0 6BR
Phone: 020 8686 6023

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Dog & Bull

Sometimes, prices are high to discourage antisocial drinkers hell-bent on drinking 20 quid’s worth of shots from coming into pubs, and while the Dog & Bull on Surrey Street might have adopted this policy, it’s definitely for the better. The building itself has a feeling of antiquity, with low, raftered ceilings, wood-panelled walls, a large log fire and warm, leather armchairs as well as the biggest beer garden in Croydon.

Address: 24 Surrey St, Croydon, Greater London CR0 1RG
Phone: 020 8667 9718

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