Places to see in London Clapham

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Clapham Attractions
Unlike many other areas in London, Clapham refers to quite a large area, including the very large Clapham Common, the Junction in the south west and Battersea in the north. So suffice it to say, there’s tons to do – chilling on the Common, the hundreds of great, quirky bars, the Clapham Picturehouse (cinema) and so on.

Recommended Attraction in Clapham
But for a big, slap-up meal, Red Dog Saloon have just opened their second enterprise near Clapham North station, and we seriously recommend getting a stomach-full of this authentic American BBQ restaurant. It’s rare to find somewhere that actually embodies the American food spirit rather than just paying lip-service, but Red Dog does just that and offers some of the best buffalo wings you could hope for, as well as a blinding blue-cheese sauce.

Clapham Attractions List
Clapham has a wealth of interesting places to visit and things to do. The itinerary below offers a flavour of some of the best things about this place, and our Clapham hotel booking service makes it easier to book really affordable accommodation for your visit.
Clapham Common Tube Station

On the north side of Clapham Common, near the tube station, is a paddling pool for those brave enough to take a dip. But on a sunny day, it is free for everyone.

Address: The Pavement London SW4 7AA
Phone: 020 7222 1234

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Lost Society

If you fancy a tipple, head to the award-winning cocktail bar 'Lost Society'. There is a record-breaking amount of cocktails to choose from, a world beer menu, an eclectic wine menu and even a secret garden.

Address: 697 Wandsworth Road, London SW8 3JF
Phone: 020 7652 6526

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Arding & Hobbs

Take the short journey to the crossing between St John's Hill and Lavender Hill to find the two most famous shops in the area. 'Arding & Hobbs' department store boasts a proud 120-year history, while 'Fresh 'n' Wild' is said to make the best bread in the city.

Address: 315 Lavender Hill, Battersea, London SW11 1QL

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Bedford & County Golf Club

Bedford & County Golf Club is a beautiful, high-class golf course if you have a handicap and are keen for a round.

Address: Green Lane, Clapham, London MK41 6ET
Phone: 01234 352617

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Cecil Higgins Art Gallery

This is Cecil Higgins Art Gallery. Admission is free and the gallery has a particular reputation for documenting Britain's history in watercolour paintings.

Address: Castle Lane, Bedford MK40 3XD
Phone: 01234 718618

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Eagle Pond and Mount Pond

For those feeling like a spot of fishing, you can head to Eagle Pond and Mount Pond, both contain a variety of species including carp, roach, tench and bream.

Address: London Borough of Wandsworth, London SW4

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Clapham Clock Tower

The Clapham Clock Tower is one of the most defining features of the area of Clapham. It was constructed in the early 1900s and is architecturally beautiful.

Address: Clapham High Street, Clapham, London SW4 7AA

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Clapham Picturehouse

A wonderfully old-fashioned cinema exists in the Picturehouse. This is a cinema that shows anything but the latest blockbusters, while all at a very reasonable price.

Address: 76 Venn Street, London SW4 0AT
Phone: 0871 902 5727

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Brixton Market

About one mile from Clapham Common is Brixton Market, which has a fascinating variety of things for you to buy. It is located near Electric Avenue, which gave its name to the hit song by Eddy Grant.

Address: Coldharbour Lane, London SW9 8PS
Phone: 020 7274 2990

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Oval Cricket Ground

Here lies the historic Oval Cricket Ground, scene of many triumphant England victories and home of Surrey Cricket Ground. You can either see a game, or simply enjoy a tour of the grounds.

Address: Kia Oval, London SE11 5SS
Phone: 0844 375 1845

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The National Army Museum

The National Army Museum charts the impact of the British Army on the history of Britain, Europe and the world. It frequently has a diverse range of exhibitions for you to enjoy.

Address: Royal Hospital Road, London SW3 4HT
Phone: 020 7881 6606

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Clapham Common

It’s surprising that there isn’t more written about this vital London venue. Sure, it’s a large park, and as such has a lot in common (no pun intended) with many other parks. But there’s more to Clapham Common than just open, green pasture. Not only is there a reasonably good skate-park, an incredibly expansive walking area, football pitches, a pretty impressive pagoda, a beautiful duck pond and a paddling pool for kids; but there’s also a massive music festival each year. Get yourself down there!

Address: Windmill Drive, Clapham, London, W4 9DE

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