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Little Known Facts about South Kensington

South Kensington
  • Bruce Roberts began planning The Great Train Robbery in a pub called The Anglesea Arms which is on Selwood Terrace in South Kensington.

  • John George Haigh – the infamous acid bath murderer of the 1940’s, killed his first victim in his workshop at 79 Gloucester Road.

  • German pilots used the Albert Memorial as a landmark during World War I.

  • Exhibition Road was named after The Great Exhibition of 1851 which took place in Hyde Park.

  • The term Albertopolis was first used in the 1850’s as a celebration of the significant role that Prince Albert played in Victorian cultural life. Nowadays it is used to describe the 87 acres of land that was purchased after The Great Exhibition, upon which now stands greats like the Natural History Museum.

  • In 1985 Sir Terrence Conran bought The British headquarters for the French tyre company. The Michelin building is now a popular cafe, bar and restaurant and still appears with the type and motoring murals of 1911.

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