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Little Known Facts about Oxford Street

Oxford Street
  • Oxford Street is a square on the British Monopoly board. It forms part of the green set, together with Regent Street and Bond Street.

  • Marks and Spencer Marble Arch is Marks and Spencer’s largest store, with over 170,000 feet of retail space!

  • The House of Fraser department store was the first department store in the UK to include escalators that served every floor.

  • Every Christmas, Oxford Street is decorated with festive lights. The use of Christmas lights began in 1959 - five years after its neighbour Regent Street had begun the tradition. In 1967, as the recession hit London, the lights were stopped and only returned to Oxford Street in 1978.

  • In 1966, sculptor Rick Buckley placed seven noses in secret locations around the Soho area. If you find every one you will be blessed with eternal wealth!

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