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Little Known Facts about Liverpool Street

Liverpool Street
  • Liverpool Street Station was the first place in London to be hit by German Gotha bomber aircraft during World War I. The May 1917 bombing killed 162 people.

  • On January 15th, 2009, at 11am, around 350 people took part in a three minute guerrilla-style dance for the new T-Mobile advert. And on 6th February 2009, roughly 5000 participated in a Silent Dance.

  • Liverpool Street Station is one of the four railway stations on the London version of the Monopoly game.

  • Liverpool Street Tube Station is the fifth busiest station on the Underground network with 4 lines passing through it!

  • Hollywood notices the charms of Leadenhall in 2001 when it is used as Diagon Alley in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

  • The Turkish Baths in Bishopsgate were built in 1895 by Henry and James Forder Nevill.

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