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Little Known Facts about Ealing

  • Ealing Studios is the world’s oldest film studios still in production, dating back to 1902.

  • The remake of St Trinian's filmed scenes on location in Ealing.

  • Kids TV show Rentaghost was set in Ealing.

  • Ealing appears in many Doctor Who episodes, including the famous 1970 scene when the mannequin Autons break out of the shop and go on a killing rampage, which was filmed at the John Sanders department store (now Marks & Spencer)

  • The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger and Keith Richards first met Brian Jones at the Ealing Jazz Club in 1962, and the Brand New Heavies formed in Ealing in 1985.

  • Ealing is home to the biggest Sikh community in London and one of the biggest Polish communities in the capital.

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