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Little Known Facts about Brixton

  • Brixton is famous for both music and its politics. Both David Bowie and Sharon Osbourne (wife of Ozzy Osbourne) were born in Brixton. Former London Mayor, Ken Livingstone grew up and lived here, and former Prime Minister, John Major started his career by giving speeches on a soapbox in Brixton Market!

  • Brixton is the ninth busiest station in London. The station also sports the world's busiest scissors crossover.

  • Brixton is a multi-ethnic community, with around 24 percent of the population being of African and/or Caribbean descent. Brixton is the unofficial capital of the British African-Caribbean community in London.

  • In 1880, Electric Avenue in Brixton was so-named because it became the first street in the area to be lit by electricity. Eddy Grant’s 1983 hit with the same name was one of the highest charting Reggae-influenced songs ever.

  • The Tate Library was designed by Sir Henry Tate – the man who designed the sugar cube!

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