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Features and Benefits of the Service

Increased Bookings

Bookings received from will be over and above the bookings and the booking revenue you currently receive. Half of the travellers targeted by search online, and one in four want to book online. By joining you will allow travellers to book your rooms, as opposed to other rooms that they might find and book elsewhere online.

TravelStay will market your rooms towards customers previously unaware of your accommodation, and who require low cost, good value accommodation. Through the use of the latest marketing techniques and technologies, TravelStay integrate their marketing efforts with other websites and travel agencies. TravelStay are also able to develop one to one relationships with both new travellers and previous customers of the accommodations featured in

Higher revenue

By booking the extra rooms that would otherwise remain vacant, TravelStay provides accommodations with extra cash they would not otherwise receive. Some budget accommodations have received over £1000 of extra booking revenue per week within weeks of being listed in From this additional revenue, TravelStay charge a small booking commission*.

Your listing on TravelStay can also promote any other services that you offer, from internet access, to dining, conference, or sports facilities. As such, the extra visitors that find and book through are more likely to also purchase these other services.

Fewer queries

By using the TravelStay service, your customers will be able to find the answers to their queries from either your own TravelStay enabled website or from 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Queries about prices (including discount prices), availability, the rooms or beds and the accommodation as a whole, types of board, facilities, directions, local attractions, and even what other people liked about the accommodation could all be answered from your listing in

TravelStay's technology allows customers to search for specific information, without making them browse amongst all of the information until they find what they are looking for. Many customers find this more convenient than calling or emailing accommodations directly. TravelStay will continue to work with accommodations to ensure that customers are able to find the answers to their queries themselves.

Less administration

TravelStay reduces the proportion of customer queries you receive. Potential customers will be able to find answers to their questions from your Travelstay enabled website, or from This will save you the time, cost and effort of dealing with these queries and / or of sending information by post.

By joining, you will be able to capture all of the booking information from customers automatically. This service will be available from as well as from your website.

Your new booking pages will collect the exact dates, room type, board type, discount type, contact details and payment details of a confirmed booking request and forward them to you in a single email that you can deal with in your own time. These details will also be stored on a database for your reference.

Being featured on reduces your administration even further, by also checking availability for the customer on your behalf. If the rooms are available, will capture the booking details, accept the booking and send a confirmed booking to the customer and the accommodation. You will receive a confirmed booking by email, with the details stored on a backup database for your reference.

Lower costs

TravelStay save accommodations money by reducing the time and costs of producing literature and sending it by post. Customers will be able to find the information they want from your website or from Accommodations can save potential customers the inconvenience of waiting for a brochure, and save themselves the cost of production and postage.

TravelStay also reduce your administration, and save you time by allowing customers to search, select from the accommodation options, and book it on or from your accommodation. This time can be spent providing higher levels of service to individuals and groups, which will increase their loyalty and help reduce your future marketing spend.

Greater accuracy of bookings

Accommodations joining the TravelStay service, will be able to provide customers with a booking form to use. Customers will be able to review the accuracy of their booking details before submitting them directly to your accommodation. These details will be sent directly via email to the accommodation reservation staff and to the customer, and be stored on a database for your reference. This prevents any miscommunication, and leaves both parties with an accurate record of the booking from which to refer.

Better use of your time

TravelStay save you the time of responding to booking queries, checking availability, taking booking details, and confirming bookings. does all of this on your behalf. Your website will also be able to provide answers to customers' booking enquiries, and take their bookings on your behalf.

The time previously spent taking individual bookings can be spent providing higher levels of service to individuals and groups, which will increase their loyalty and reduce future marketing spend. It will also open up the opportunity to develop higher value / higher revenue services.

Higher customer loyalty

The TravelStay service provides customers who visit your website or with and improved level of customer service. This often leads to greater satisfaction of your accommodation offering, which leads to higher customer loyalty. Customers with higher loyalty will be more prone to making repeat bookings and to recommending your accommodation to others.

TravelStay are able to develop one-to-one relationships with previous customers of all of the accommodations featured in This will help foster loyalty to budget accommodation as a whole. This will make budget accommodations more likely to receive bookings from previous customers of other budget accommodations.

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