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Cheap hotels in London

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Cheap hotels in London from £13.00 per person per night!

Cheap hotels are so easy to find when you use! In fact, as we’re so confident you won’t find better prices on the internet, we even offer a Price Promise Guarantee. Choosing the right hotel in England allows you to make the most of your stay, and means you’ll have enough spending money to enjoy your trip. We have a huge selection of cheap London hotels, some close to famous attractions such as Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament, and others close to popular places such as Oxford Street, Regent Street and Leicester Square. Have a look at our sample list of hotels and then click here to start planning your trip.

Hotel Location Price per person
Cranbrook Hotel Ilford
£13.06 Book
Barkston Rooms Earls Court
£13.30 Book
Heathrow Lodge Aéroport d'Heathrow
£13.64 Book
Euro Hotel Wembley Wembley
£14.33 Book
Hammersmith Rooms Hammersmith
£14.75 Book
Clapham South Dudley Hotel Clapham
£15.67 Book
Kensington Suite Hotel West Kensington
£16.00 Book
Lexham Gardens Hotel Earls Court
£16.50 Book
White House Hotel Gatwick Airport
£16.50 Book
Kensington West West Kensington
£16.86 Book
Gatwick Belmont Aéroport de Gatwick
£17.25 Book
Acton Town Hotel Acton
£17.42 Book
The Park Hotel Ilford Ilford
£17.50 Book
Notting Hill Gate Hotel Notting Hill Gate
£17.50 Book
Bridge Park Hotel Harlesden (près de Wembley)
£17.6 Book
Holland Inn Hotel Kensington
£18.50 Book
Chester Hotel Victoria Victoria
£18.50 Book
Ascot Hyde Park Hotel Paddington
£19.00 Book
Forest Gate Hotel Forest Gate
£19.00 Book
Holland Court Hotel Kensington
£19.50 Book
City View Hotel London Bethnal Green
£19.50 Book
City View Hotel Roman Road Market East London
£19.50 Book
St Joseph Hotel London Earls Court
£19.50 Book
Royal Guest House Shepherds Bush
£19.67 Book
Broadway Lodge Kingston
£19.67 Book
Holly House Hotel London Victoria
£19.75 Book
Skyways Hotel Aéroport d'Heathrow
£20.00 Book
Best Inn Hotel Ilford
£20.00 Book
Blair Victoria Hotel Victoria
£20.03 Book
Plaza London Hotel Bethnal Green
£21.00 Book
London Guest House Acton Acton
£21.00 Book
King Solomon Hotel London Golders Green
£21.14 Book
Hyde Park Court Hotel Paddington
£21.25 Book
Aviva Studios Hammersmith
£21.25 Book
City Lodge London East London
£21.67 Book
St Mark Hotel London Earls Court
£22.25 Book
Assaha Hyde Park Hotel Hyde Park
£22.25 Book
Glendale Hyde Park Hotel Paddington
£22.50 Book
Lord Jim Hotel London Kensington Earls Court
£22.50 Book
Apple House Guest House Middlesex
£23.00 Book
City Stay Hotel London Bow
£23.30 Book
New Market House Camden
£23.33 Book
Amhurst Hotel Stamford Hill
£23.33 Book
Chelsea House Hotel Earls Court
£23.60 Book
Boston Manor Hotel Ealing (Nr Heathrow)
£23.75 Book
Best Western Greater London Ilford Ilford
£23.75 Book
New Dawn Hotel London Bayswater
£23.75 Book
Grove Hill Hotel Woodford
£24.50 Book
Firs Lodge Heathrow Airport
£24.75 Book
Lindal Hotel Harrow
£24.75 Book
The Central Plaistow
£24.75 Book
City Inn Express Hackney
£24.94 Book
Vegas Hotel London Victoria
£24.95 Book
Silk House Hotel Hackney
£24.98 Book
Romford Road Accommodation Stratford
£25 Book
Hotel Olympia Earls Court
£25.00 Book
Fountain House Hotel Aéroport d'Heathrow
£25.00 Book
Aberdeen Guest House London Ilford
£25.00 Book
Elmwood Hotel Kings Cross
£25.00 Book
Lidos Hotel Victoria
£26.33 Book
Kings Cross Inn Hotel Kings Cross
£27.00 Book
Cherish Lodge Woolwich
£27 Book
Hour Glass Hotel Walworth
£27.50 Book
Kings Cross Hotel London Kings Cross
£27.50 Book
St Georges Lodge Kingston
£28.33 Book
Shelton Hostel Finsbury Park
£28.33 Book
Hotel 261 Shepherds Bush
£28.50 Book
Airways Hotel Victoria
£28.50 Book
Fountain Hotel London Tottenham
£29.75 Book
Secret 3 Star Hotel North London Mill Hill
£29.98 Book
Glorydale Inn Stratford
£29.98 Book
Montana Hotel London Kings Cross
£30.00 Book
Old Friend Hotel City
£30.00 Book
Golden Strand Hotel Hammersmith
£30.50 Book
Best Western Palm Hotel London Brent Cross
£31.33 Book
Queens Park Hotel Bayswater
£31.50 Book
Belgravia Rooms London Victoria
£32.85 Book
Best Western Cumberland Hotel Harrow
£33.33 Book
Bayswater Inn Bayswater
£33.75 Book
Bluebells Hotel Notting Hill Gate
£34 Book
Best Western Ilford Hotel Ilford
£35.00 Book
Belgrove Hotel Kings Cross
£35.00 Book
Dover Hotel London Victoria
£36.67 Book
So Quartier Maida Vale Kilburn
£37.13 Book
Master Robert Hotel Aéroport d'Heathrow
£38.50 Book
Borough Rooms Borough
£42.08 Book
Mornington Hotel London Victoria Victoria
£45.00 Book
Hyde Park Suites Bayswater
£75.00 Book

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